What To Do When You Are Stuck In A Negative Spiral That Turns Your Life Upside Down

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What To Do When You Are Stuck In A Negative Spiral That Turns Your Life Upside Down

Sometimes you may feel completely stuck in certain areas of your life. Yes, overall, your life may be really great, but there is this one area – be it finances, health, relationships… – where things are just not going the way they should.

Only one stupid thing may be enough to “messes up” your life and to make you feel sad, desperate, angry…

If that’s the case, then you are probably stuck in a Negative Spiral.

What is a negative spiral and how did you get there?

It usually starts with a single negative thought that creates a slightly negative feeling. At this stage, the feeling will be so subtle that you probably won’t even notice it.

But, if you are not careful and if you are unconscious about your thoughts, there is a high probability that you will be adding more of those negative thoughts, which in turn will create slightly stronger negative feelings and emotions.

This can go on for weeks and even months without having any effect on your life. Likely, you will not even feel any different than before. But, at a certain stage, the process will accelerate. By constantly feeding a certain area of your life with negative thoughts, the emotional energy that is created by those thoughts will become stronger and stronger.

And at a certain point this emotional energy will lead to a corresponding physical manifestation that will be experienced as an unpleasant event.

Now, you are in the middle of your negative spiral, but as you start to witness those unpleasant experiences in your day to day life, the negative spiral will accelerate even more.

You observe an unpleasant event and immediately there will be more negative thoughts and emotions, which in turn create more unpleasant events and circumstances in your life.

And again, you witness those events and immediately say: “I knew it, I always have bad luck…”, “I will never find a partner who loves and respects me, it’s just impossible…”, “I’ll never get out of debt, it just keeps on growing month after month…”

At this stage, you are pretty much locked into your negative spiral and the dynamic is only getting stronger. You experience unpleasant events, you add more negative thoughts, you start feeling worse and worse… and that way you keep on perpetuating the process and will create more and more unpleasant events.

It is a vicious cycle and it seems almost impossible to break out of it…

The truth however is that it is actually not really that difficult to break out of a negative spiral. Once you understand the process and dynamic of how you got yourself into this situation (which you do now), you can use the same mechanism to transform your negative spiral into a positive one that leads to the manifestation of desirable events and circumstances.

Once again, you ended up in a negative spiral, because of various core beliefs (most of them you probably adopted during your early childhood) that lead to negative thoughts and sparked negative emotions, which in turn created unpleasant experiences in your life.

You did all of this unconsciously. But, nevertheless it is proof of how powerful you really are as a creator. Just imagine, all of this was created entirely out of your mind…

The universe, source, the divine… doesn’t label experiences as good or bad. Every experience is welcome and allowed and you are free to use your creative power to manifest whatever circumstances and events you wish to experience.

You are already a powerful creator of your own reality and you don’t really need to learn how to create. The only thing you need to learn is how to create consciously.

This takes patience, practice and some perseverance, but it’s not really complicated. It is not much different than for example learning a foreign language. You practice every day, and you slowly get better and better.

At the beginning, you won’t see any significant results. But, the more you practice, the more you stick to it, the easier it gets and the more amazing your results will be.

Now, let’s quickly take a look at those simple steps that allow you to get out of a negative spiral and to transform it into a positive one:

#1: The first step is to understand how you get into a negative spiral.

I already explained the process and with that knowledge you now can avoid getting deeper and deeper into an active negative spiral and you can also avoid to create new ones.

#2: Cut off the energy – just pull the plug.

In order to keep on creating unpleasant events in your life, the spiral needs a continuous supply of corresponding negative emotional energy. So, you need to stop indulging in negative thoughts and you need to stop keeping the train of negative thoughts alive. It’s not really that difficult.

Whenever you become aware of a negative thought, you simply say stop and you dismiss those negative thoughts and replace them with better and more positive ones. That way, the frequency of your emotions and feelings will raise and the dynamic of your negative spiral with start to slow down.

#3: Destroy your negative core beliefs.

As I already mentioned, most of those negative thoughts come from deeply ingrained negative beliefs. And I suggest you spend some time every day to find out what those beliefs are and then you can start dismantling and replacing them with more beneficial ones.

#4: Practice raising your energy every day.

Learn to look at things from a different perspective. Search for the positive aspects in your current situation and focus on them. Do some daydreaming and practice “telling a better story” to raise your vibration and to get into the habit of thinking more positive and more aligned with what you want.

I also recommend you keep a daily diary where you write down what you learn on your path to becoming a conscious creator.

#5: Be patient…

You will get to a stage where you are able to dismiss most of your negative thoughts, you will think more positive thoughts and you will start feeling better and better… BUT there will still be various unwanted events and experiences in your life.

That’s absolutely normal. Your negative spiral is turning slower and slower, but at the beginning,  there is still enough negative energy that keeps on manifesting those unpleasant events.

#6: Don’t focus on those unpleasant events – they are only a shadow of your past.

Just keep on raising your vibration by adopting positive and uplifting beliefs and by thinking more positive thoughts. Look at those unpleasant events that may still occur in your life as some of the final outbursts from your past unconscious creation.

Now, you are a conscious creator. Just keep on practicing this simple process and relatively fast you will be able to turn your negative spiral into a positive one. Depending on how strong your negative spiral is, this may take several weeks or several months. But, typically you will already feel that things are getting easier after only a few weeks.

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  1. ruchi  December 14, 2013

    Hi Robert,
    This same negative spiral is revolving in my life presently and things are holding me back , though i desperately want to let them go. Your article is surely a great help for me. Thanks a lot.

  2. Elle  December 14, 2013

    Hi Robert, this is absolutely spot on imho. I find setting myself up every day to feel joy, happiness, gratitude, whatever floats your boat is a great way to start an upward spiral. So much nicer to live in than that downward one you describe so well!

  3. Naveen Kulkarni  December 15, 2013

    Hi Robert,

    Great tips. One need to deliberately detach himself from the past negative happenings or moment and start living in now and plan for future.

  4. Peter Ewin Hall  December 15, 2013

    Sometimes the simplist thing is to do something small but postive. Small steps can reverse decline and can help us understand what is holding us back if we take the tme to relect and learn.

  5. Clare  December 16, 2013

    Fantastic Post Robert and you have explained this so well. I particularity loved your heading –
    Cut of the energy – just pull the plug, this is really what we have to do, stop our negative thoughts so that we are no longer creating negative emotional energy which create the unpleasant events and keep us stuck in the reality we so want to change. Lets turn that negative spiral into a whirlwind of positivity!!

  6. Michael Shuchter  December 17, 2013

    I appreciate your suggestion to just “pull the plug.” In the work that I do, when one of my clients is in a downward spiral, I simply get them to interrupt the spiral. To catch themselves, at the moment they feel the ‘negative’ emotion, to stop whatever they are doing and thinking. Nothing more. Sometimes they have to do this hundreds of times a day to start.
    Those that do follow this suggestion find that they free up a lot of mental space and, without really trying, a solution comes into that space, helping them create change.
    Thanks for a nice article!

    • Robert Spadinger  December 17, 2013

      Thanks Michael. Yes, the solution is actually always there, but when we are in a certain state of mind (lost in negative thoughts), we don’t perceive the solution – like it’s hidden behind a wall of smoke. And once we clear our mind, our vision suddenly becomes clear as well and the solution apparently appears out of nowhere.

  7. Sebastian  December 23, 2013

    I noticed this recently. I met this girl that seems too good to be true. She might be. But it’s like, my mind is telling me there’s no way this is true because my mind is set on me not getting that perfect match. This thinking will lead to a disaster.

  8. Troy  May 6, 2015

    Good advice, but my issue is that pain is driving my negative thoughts. Pain I’ve been in for 20 years, and doctors tell me will only get worse. It’s nauseating.