Stop Confusing Yourself With the Reflection In The Mirror

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Stop Confusing Yourself With the Reflection In The Mirror

The world you witness on the outside is not real, it is only an illusion, like a reflection in the mirror.  If you keep on looking into that “mirror” and believe that you are that reflection, then you remain stuck in the same energy patterns and you keep on creating the same mirror reflection again and again…

And, you may say, that is just reality, that is how the world works.

However, if you distrust that illusionary reflection in the mirror and if you start being someone else, someone you prefer over what you currently see and experience. Maybe, someone who is filled with love, abundance, well-being, joy… because you know that you can be anything you want to be.

Then that reflection in the mirror will change as well. The reflection will start taking that form and shape of your new state of mind.

Why? Because the reflection is not real. It is not the “real deal”, it is only a reflection and it can only reflect the underlying essence – your state of being, the only thing that is real.

Photo Credit: Mariano Cuajao

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  1. Dwebwalker  November 2, 2015

    Wow I love the title and content, I saw your site by clicking your profile from another blog I follow, nice