You Are Already 100% Worthy – No Matter What

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You Are Already 100% Worthy – No Matter What
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Our society (at least the bigger part of it) has a very narrow minded definition of worthiness. According to those standards and measures, a person is “really” worthy if he/she has a beautiful body, wealth and a certain status or position in society.

Of course, most people won’t admit that they judge the worthiness of a person by those measures, because they don’t want to be labeled as being superficial. And, I’m sure, a large number of people judge by those measures without even realizing it, without even being conscious about it.

Nonetheless, if you are overweight, if you have a longer nose than the average person, if you are poor, if you are not successful – according to the standards in our society… many people will still consider you to be less worthy than other members of society.

Is it really worth making an effort to meet those standards?

Sure, there is always something you can do in order to meet those nonsensical standards. You could go to the gym 5 times a week and push yourself as hard as you can to finally get what they call a “beautiful” body, you could work day and night to make a lot of money and buy a big house… and you can do many other stupid things.

But, if you do those things only to meet a pointless standard, then you will only hurt yourself and you won’t gain anything at the end. Yes, you may achieve certain things, but you won’t be happier and most probably you won’t feel worthier than before. Something will always be missing. Some people will always look better than you. Some people will always have more money than you…

It is a waste of time and energy to do something ONLY to be considered as worthy and to gain the respect of the sleeping masses who are stuck in illusion. Don’t do it, because you will never find happiness in the process.

Of course, I don’t have anything against going to the gym, or against working 14 hours a day… if that’s what really excites you, if that’s what fills you with joy, then by all means, do it.

It only becomes a problem if you sacrifice yourself doing something you DON’T really like, just to gain the respect of others and to improve your feeling of self-worth.

You are already worthy!

The truth is, you are already 100% worthy. You are absolutely unique, no one is like you and no one in this world will or could ever fill your place. If you – your unique energy – would no longer exist, the universe would not be complete anymore – an important piece of the puzzle would be missing.

Therefore, you are absolutely worthy. But, it is still up to you, to express your worthiness. And, the only way to fully express your worthiness is by being the real, true, natural You. Not a facade or a mask, but the real you, the you that is required in order to fill the void and to make this universe complete.

Yes, you are already 100% worthy – that’s a fact. But, what if you don’t feel worthy? This usually means that you are not YOU – you are not expressing your true, natural self.

As soon as you start connecting with the real You, you will become more of the real You, you will express more of the real You and your feeling of self-worth will automatically increase. Suddenly, you will feel that you are finally at the right place. The new You, the divine you will simply replace the old you. And how could this divine you not be 100% worthy.

The old You is only an illusion, an artificial persona defined by limiting beliefs that were given to you by your parents, teachers, religion, society… Let go of those limiting beliefs and the real you, the divine you will shine through and express itself.

Money and success don’t necessarily lead to happiness and the feeling of increased self-worth

I know several people who are very rich and successful and they told me that their success neither made them happier, nor did it increase their feeling of self-worthiness.

Of course, in the long run, success and wealth will neither increase your happiness, nor will it diminish it. If you do what you love to do and if you are your true self, you will feel good – no matter if you have little money or a lot of it.

On the other hand, if you do things you don’t really like just to get rich and to achieve a certain status in society, it will be impossible to find happiness and fulfillment in the process until you start expressing your true, natural self.

And most probably you won’t feel very worthy neither, because deep down you will realize that your time is fading away and that what you are doing day-in and day-out doesn’t really make much sense. You may be able to fool everyone around you, but you can’t really fool yourself.

So, don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying that being successful, earning a lot of money, having a certain status in society… will make you unhappy or have a negative impact on your feeling of self worth.

The only thing that really matters is to be yourself, to express the true You. And, if that leads to success, wealth… than this is absolutely great and fine. But, don’t think that you need those things in order to be happy and to feel worthy, because if you go after something in a way that doesn’t correspond with who you really are, you will get just the opposite.

Make it a daily habit to feel your true, natural self

Every day, take a few minutes to feel your true, natural self. The world needs the real, true You – that’s the biggest contribution you can make to this world, that’s your unique value, your real worth. Allow yourself to feel how worthy and important you are.

If you are not You, something is missing and the universe will be less harmonious. If you decide to express the real you, your example will encourage others to do the same and that way you can literally start an explosion of harmony, joy, happiness, deeper understanding… in this world.

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  1. aaron hill  March 27, 2014


    Fantastic please keep up the good work, you inspire lots of people like myself !!!

  2. Rauf Saeed  April 6, 2014

    amazing and wonderful… keep it up..
    such kinds of articles make cause
    creat happy feelings..

  3. sherill  April 12, 2014

    Hi Robert, it is so true…. you can never achieve happiness if you do not know your true self. Neither wealth nor success can buy happiness. Knowing that you are unique in your own way makes you worth it. Thanks for sharing this post .

  4. Shaan  May 1, 2014

    I so needed to read that I am already worthy.
    Thank you for your words of wisdom and for your timely blog Robert 🙂

  5. Wan  May 6, 2014

    “The old You is only an illusion, an artificial persona defined by limiting beliefs that were given to you by your parents, teachers, religion, society… Let go of those limiting beliefs and the real you, the divine you will shine through and express itself.”
    That’s true.

    I believe in doing things for the sake of a deeper purpose in life. Taking your example of going to the gym, I would venture further by saying that those who hit the gym should ask themselves the 5 Whys. An example Q&A these people can do with themselves:

    1. Why do I want to go to the gym? – to have a muscular body.
    2. Why do I want to have a muscular body? – to attract women.
    3. Why do I want to attract women? – I’m lonely.
    4. Why am I lonely? – I don’t have a companion?
    5. Why do I want to have a companion? So, I can live a meaningful life with a partner beside me.

    It’s a powerful method that I recommend everyone to do it before they do anything.

    • Robert Spadinger  May 7, 2014

      Hi Wan and thanks a lot for your great comment. Yes, those are the kinds of questions, the inner reflection we should always do before making an important decision. Of course, there is nothing wrong with going to the gym, however, we should be aware of our motives. Why do you want to take action in a certain direction? Is it because you think you are not good enough, because you think you are not worthy, because… then, going to the gym, building a business, making a lot of money… won’t really change anything. You first need to get in touch with your true self, figure out why you think you are not good enough… , get rid of those limiting beliefs (just because most people think you are only respectable if you have a lot of money, doesn’t make it a truth) and then you are free to do whatever you are really passionate about, whatever really excites you.