The Love That Will Shine Through Once Your Limiting Ego Starts Fading

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The Love That Will Shine Through Once Your Limiting Ego Starts Fading

Your ego is just an artificial construct you got identified with, a self created limitation wrapped around your true self. Your ego is the total sum of all those ideas, concepts and beliefs you bought into throughout your life and accepted to be true.

But, what are those ideas, concepts and beliefs? How real are they? Right, they are only mental constructs and they can be changed, replaced and transformed.

Of course, there is no problem with having ideas and concepts about reality and about your life, but the big question is, do those ideas and concepts serve you? Do they make you feel good or bad? Do they make you act and live your life in a way that serves or harms you and others?

In other words, are those ideas and concepts limiting or are they freeing?

There is no need to “fight” your ego. If you fight your ego, it only becomes bigger. By fighting your ego, you are only re-affirming again and again: there is something about me that is BAD, there is something I need to destroy, there is something I need to get rid of… – I am not right the way I am!

That is just another concept and model, just another layer of ego – of limiting identification that makes you feel bad and that does not really help you or anyone else.

Limiting ideas and concepts (layers of ego that don’t serve you) dissolve on their own when you lean back, when you relax, when you let go, when you stop the spinning mind… You can’t solve a problem (a limiting ego identification) from the same state from which it was created. From that same state, you will only create more of the same.

You use tools, like meditation, taking a long walk on the beach, playing with your cat… to change your vibration and to move into a different state of being. From that new state, from that new perspective, you get a different view on things and suddenly you will realize: this and that does not make any sense…

It just dawns on you, it becomes crystal clear and there is absolutely no mental effort required to get there. Lifting your vibration gives you a larger perspective and this allows you to see things you could not see before.

What you may call the “real or true You” is already there, but it is covered with layers of false identifications – layers of limiting ego. So, you don’t need to create the real you, you only need to shift into a higher, more loving vibrational state. And, you do this one little baby step after another.

And, with each little baby step, you gain a bit more clarity, you see the nonsense and invalidity of certain ideas, concepts and beliefs you may have taken as facts and ultimate truths.

And, when that realization happens, those limiting beliefs simply dissolve, because they no longer make any sense. At the same time, the void that is left behind is filled with an energy, a knowingness, a new model… that serves you and others. It is filled with something that is freeing instead of limiting, with something that makes you and others feel good – you could call that something love.

In the process of dissolving limiting and fear-based concepts, ideas and beliefs you are becoming more love, you are growing and evolving.

It is a bit like the sky that is filled with dark, scary clouds. Everything seems to be doom and gloom. Yet, at the same time, the potential for radiant sunshine and a beautiful blue sky is there as well and that is what you will experience once all those dark clouds dissolve and disappear.

So, what will be left once you dissolve all those limiting beliefs, ideas and concepts, once you transform the little ego-stricken you into the much bigger and freer You? Will there only be darkness and emptiness?

No, when all the dark clouds will have disappeared, only sunshine and blue sky will be left, there will only be love, passion, joy, happiness…

Wherever you shine that light, the darkness will just disappear, because it is not real and it cannot co-exist in the same space with light.

But, don’t forget, this is a process – the process of your growth and evolution from fear to love and it happens in little baby-steps. And, even once all the fear has gone and there is only love left, there will still be challenges, because you need those challenges on your eternal evolutionary path, on your eternal path to become even more and deeper love.

However, at that stage, overcoming those challenges won’t feel scary any longer, it won’t be arduous, complicated and hard work any longer… those experiences are only possible as long as there is fear.

At that stage, overcoming your challenges will be interesting and exciting and you will be doing it with all your love and passion.

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  1. Ash  January 30, 2015

    thanks a lot for the post … as if you knew I’ve been fighting my ego, it’s time to change the game.


  2. Demetriah  January 30, 2015

    Around a year ago? I received how to create The Life of Your Dreams. I printed out the copies and I was in the process of studying it, when I got evicted. I lost everything all my stuff, and can’t find the download. Is there anyway I could get the download again ? I requested it but it said I already subscribed. I going through something and need to remain positive to get out of it.

  3. Michaela  January 30, 2015

    This is a very interesting concept. As I have been soul searching lately, I enjoy reading that is related to my spiritual aspect. Especially that which teaches me how to become stronger spiritually and reduces confrontation within myself. I will read this book and let you know how it has affected my spiritual renewal.

  4. galema  February 9, 2015

    thanks a lot robert for ur very interesting and spiritual inspiring words

  5. galema  February 9, 2015

    very inspiring

  6. sherill  September 8, 2015

    Hi, such a very informative post indeed. I totally agree with you, sometimes we are not aware that we are enhancing our ego when we fight against it, true light shines from within us, as this limiting ego disappears. Thanks for sharing.

  7. sherill  September 24, 2015

    Hi, Thanks for sharing a very inspiring post. I totally agree that whenever your light shines, darkness disappears. Great post.

  8. sherill  January 19, 2016

    Hi Robert, Thanks for sharing a very inspiring post. Yes after the dark clouds, only the the sunshine reigns. I truly believe in this words. Great Read.