Your Quest For A Better Future Could Make You Miss Your Entire Life

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Your Quest For A Better Future Could Make You Miss Your Entire Life
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“The power for creating a better future is contained in the present moment: You create a good future by creating a good present.” – Eckhart Tolle

You may think that once you have that breakthrough, once you succeed in your business, once you are finished with school, once you get your dream house, once you make it into upper management, once you find your dream partner… life will just be great.

But, that’s an illusion. If you can’t live in the present moment, if your mind is constantly occupied dreaming about “that big moment” somewhere and sometime in the future, then NOTHING will ever change.

No matter what you do, no matter what you may achieve, you will always feel the same. There will always be this void within you, this restlessness, this feeling, that something is missing.

If you say, that once you get this or that, life will be great, you are also making a statement that right now, your life is not ideal, something is missing, something isn’t the way it should be…

And that’s the problem, that’s the trap. Because, there simply is no future, it is only a concept in your mind. All you have, all you ever had and all you will ever have is the NOW. It is this eternal moment in which EVERYTHING happens.

Unlock yourself from the illusion…

So, if you say, right now, life isn’t the way it should be, then you are locked into a specific vibration, a vibration of lack, boredom, maybe even frustration… And all events, all happenings in your life will be filtered through that vibration.

And that vibration, that state of being, of course makes it impossible for you to feel and experience overflowing joy, happiness, excitement… Even when those great achievements come, there will only be a short lived, temporary excitement and soon after, everything will be back to “normal” – because your mind will still be projected towards an even better future and again, your mind will tell you that “Now” just isn’t ideal yet and that things will be perfect in the future.

 You can only experience what you are, what corresponds with your inner state of being. And, unless you unlock from the illusion of “the future will be better”, you won’t be able to move into the state of “Now is fantastic, Now is great, Now my being is flooded with happiness…”

And, as soon as you move into the state of ” Now is great…”, sooner or later, your outer circumstances will reflect that new state of being and present you with events that correspond with what you call joy and happiness. And you will experience them in the NOW!

But, I know I will succeed and be happy if I make the necessary sacrifices…

Now, if you hang in there, if you make those sacrifices, if you work really hard… there is a good chance that you will finally get what you initially thought would be so important for you. But, you will see, once you get it, it simply won’t be important any longer to you.

Yes, there will be a few days or even weeks of excitement, but your mind will already have chosen a new goal, a bigger and  more exciting goal. The initial excitement will quickly fade away, you will feel more or less the way you felt your entire life, you will compare yourself with people who achieved “more” than you and you will say: “yes, that’s what I want, I can do it in 5 years and then I will be happy forever…”

And the game will start all over. Again, you will say: “now, my life is ok, but it’s not really what I want, something is still missing, but I’m getting there…”

Be careful, you may end up wasting your entire life…

And if you are not careful, you will waste your entire life chasing that illusory carrot that’s always tangling just in front of you. You will spend your entire life waiting for that big moment, but it will never come.

That big moment you desire more than anything else can’t be found in future achievements, it is already here – right now. And it can only be experienced in the here and now. If you cling to that illusion of “once I get this or that in the future, everything will be great…”, you will miss the “big moment” Now and again Now and Now…

If your life is only focused on future achievements – in 3 years I make this happen, then 5 more years to get there, another 4 years to achieve this and that… – people around you will think you are hugely successful, they will flatter you, they will envy you… but within, you will always feel this nagging void, this lack of fulfillment, this eternal dissatisfaction.

It doesn’t matter what others think about you, the only thing that matters is how YOU feel. What’s the point of spending your entire life creating this facade of artificial greatness and success, if it doesn’t make you happy? It is just not worth it wasting your entire life.

Deep within, you know your life is only successful if you spend most of it in joy, happiness and fulfillment – no matter what you achieve or how much money you make in the process.

Life should be lived like a dance or like a great symphony…

Live your life like a dance, like a symphony. When you listen to your favorite song, you simply enjoy every single note of it in the here and now and you don’t try to rush to the end of the song as quickly as possible in order to prove that you can listen faster than anyone else. This simply wouldn’t make any sense, yet in a way, that’s how many people live their life.

Imagine listening to your favorite song – you simply enjoy the moment, you allow yourself to get carried away, you are simply feeling good, you are great where you are right now… You are so immersed in your joy that nothing else matters that very moment. And, that’s how you should live your life.

Pick something you absolutely love, you are absolutely passionate about and get 100% immersed in it. Just allow every day, every moment to be filled with joy. Be happy with the moment and don’t fall for the illusion that things will only be perfect once you get that breakthrough.

You simply enjoy the endless chain of Now and at the same time you will get better and better at what you are doing and those big achievements will happen on their own.

And, when they come, you will enjoy them in the Now as you enjoyed all other Now’s and most probably, those achievements won’t matter that much anymore, because by then, every moment of your life will already be filled with all the joy you ever dreamed of and absolutely nothing will be missing.

Life only happens in the here and now and if you are always in the pursuit of a better life sometime in the future, you will miss everything. Your life will be empty, stale, without juice and without any real essence.

So, live your life like a marvelous symphony and enjoy one delicious note after another flowing into this eternal moment, into this never ending Now!

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