Simply Feeling Good – It’s Really Not That Difficult

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Simply Feeling Good – It’s Really Not That Difficult

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could just simply feel great – all the time or at least most of the time? But, is this really possible?

Yes, of course it is possible. But, if you are not there yet, it will require a certain shift of your mindset. Feeling good is just a specific state of being and I’m sure you already experienced that state – at least glimpses of it. But, why don’t you constantly stay in a state that allows you to feel good? Why do you usually “fall out” of that state rather quickly?

It is because most people  are constantly pulled towards fear. The fear to lose something, the fear to miss out on something, the fear about what may happen tomorrow or next week, the fear about what others may think or say, the fear about not being loved and accepted…

Those fears come from limiting beliefs, from attachment to certain outcomes, from the false need that things need to be a certain way, from resisting against what is…

When you are in fear you are swimming upstream, you are working against the flow. You say: What if this or that happens, what if I won’t get this or that, what if I can’t get rid of this or that…

Those are all expressions of fear and of course, those fears keep you locked in a state that doesn’t correspond with feeling good. You may be running after an illusion that doesn’t even matter and that way you may be missing out on what you are longing for most – being happy and joyful, just feeling good.

You need to learn to get rid of and to let go of all those limitations and bondages. You are an eternal being and nothing really bad can happen to you . You can only grow and evolve and that is always a good thing. Let go of those limiting ideas of how life needs to be so that you can “allow” yourself to feel good.

It is not about your looks, it is not about how much money you have, it is not about what others think about you, it is not even about your health…

It is all about growing and evolving. It is all about becoming love and harmony – that’s really all that counts. And the more love you become, the more you will radiate and the better you will feel, no matter what your circumstances may look like. Feeling absolutely great is just a natural consequence of becoming love. Those two go hand in hand and they can’t be separated.

So, let go of those ideas that things need to be a certain way in order for you to be able to feel good. Just let it go. Nothing needs to be or has to be a certain way. Just be and don’t allow your intellect to interfere with your happiness, don’t let your mind tell you that this and that is not right and therefore you can’t be happy.

Right now, this moment, things are the way they are – accept it and just be. Feel your beingness, dive into it, let go of the fearful mind chatter and just enjoy your beingness, the very core of your Self.

If you allow yourself to simply BE without judging and lamenting about what is, the happiness will bubble up from within. Just allow it to do so and enjoy it – no matter what. That way you will automatically move into a different state, into a state of joy and happiness.

Remain in that state, don’t judge it and don’t try to analyze it. Now, everything else in your life will start changing as well. Things will change in a way so that they match your new state of beingness. It happens automatically. You simply can’t be in a state of joy for an extended period of time and keep on experiencing a reality that is not aligned with that state.

If you ARE joy, everything else in your life – the events and circumstances you are experiencing – will change in order to reflect that joy.

From now on, decide to let go of all those limiting thoughts and ideas that keep you from feeling good. Just be, be the core of who you really are, surrender to your true self. Stop all the pushing and forcing, stop all the doubting, worrying and judging…

Simply BE! Express who you really are, let go of the fear, take joyful action and enjoy the process of being and becoming.

That’s the way to “Simply Feeling Good”. And, you don’t need anything you would not already have in order to get there. You only need to be and to express what feels good to you – in other words, you only need to be your true, natural self.

Photo Credit: Irina Patrascu

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  1. sherill  September 8, 2014

    HI, nice post ! you are right, the only way to simply feeling good is BE YOURSELF, do not pretend to be somebody else, stay happy. thanks for sharing.

  2. sherry  October 29, 2014

    I can’t agree more. Sometimes we are enslaved to fears, we feel worried about the future and miss the happiness instantly.We should change our minds because anxiety only create unstable emotion.Happiness is the core of life,so we should haven’t tied to the fear,at this moment, just follow your heart and free your soul to be yourself.You have to trust yourself you can solve all the problems with a big smile and a relaxing mood.

    • Robert Spadinger  November 5, 2014

      Thanks Sherry and you are absolutely right – happiness is the core of life, it is who we really are and it allows us to live our life’s to the fullest.