Desire – Friend Or Enemy?

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Desire – Friend Or Enemy?
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Your desire or passion indicates your ideal path. Follow your passion, follow your desire and you will always find yourself exactly where you are supposed to be and exactly where You – your higher self – intended to be.

Use the energy of your passion and desire to pull you forward. This will allow you to enjoy every single moment of your path and to get the most out of your experiences along that path – no matter whether those experiences appear to be positive or negative for an outside observer.

But, make sure not to get stuck. Don’t expect and demand anything specific on your path. Live your life like one big adventure. Trust in the process and know that you will always end up where you are supposed to be and that nothing really bad can happen to you anyway.

If you expect something in particular and that expectation is not fulfilled, you will suffer. You will lose your love, desire and passion for what you are doing and the natural flow will come to a halt. Instead of the joyful, natural flow you experienced as desire, excitement, passion… there will be resistance and friction, which will be experienced as pain, suffering and struggling.

Desire is great, it is like a big, powerful engine that pulls you forward effortlessly. Use your desire to make your journey the most beneficial one, use it to grow and expand and use it to make your journey the most joyful one. Desire is a very powerful energy. Use it, make it your ally and be grateful for it.

Let go of your expectations are you are in for a rough ride…

But, be careful about your expectations. Expectations are the root of all suffering. Expectations are like an invisible prison, they tie you down, they diminish your infinite creative energy, they limit your possibilities and they take away your freedom, your freedom of creative expression.

Don’t say, things have to work out in a specific way. Don’t say, only this outcome is acceptable. Don’t say, this or that needs to happen, otherwise I’m not happy…

Your happiness, your joy, your fulfillment… – and that’s really all you want – lies in the path itself and not in a specific outcome. The outcome doesn’t really matter. As long as your path is an exciting and joyful adventure of creative expression, you are fully alive and you have everything you could ever dream of.

If you live your life like that , there will be many exciting, enjoyable and unexpected outcomes. Your life will be one magnificent surprise after another. Just ride that wave of continuous, pleasant and unexpected surprises and enjoy every moment of it.

Don’t prevent any of those magnificent surprises from coming into your life by clinging to one specific expectation and by labeling everything else that doesn’t correspond with that expectation as undesirable.

Be free, be You, go with the flow, don’t worry, don’t expect, just let it happen… Trust in the process and allow it to unfold naturally. Trust in your higher intelligence that lies beyond common linear logic and reasoning and know that you will have an absolutely amazing life.

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  1. Wan  May 6, 2014

    “Don’t say, things have to work out in a specific way. Don’t say, only this outcome is acceptable. Don’t say, this or that needs to happen, otherwise I’m not happy…”
    Well said. I also avoid having too much expectations about myself. I comfort myself by putting in the best effort possible and enjoy the results no matter how paltry it may be. I know that I can learn from the results obtained, evaluate and move on.

    It’s better that way.

    • Robert Spadinger  May 7, 2014

      Yes, and by letting go of your expectations, you save yourself a lot of frustration, you are more likely to remain centered in a positive state of mind (without all the up and downs) and you the long run you may achieve things you would not have believed to be possible at the beginning.