9 Energy Vibrations To Completely Transform your Life

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9 Energy Vibrations To Completely Transform your Life

All you really want in life is to experience your true nature – the love, passion, joy, greatness… you already are.

You don’t really want to achieve all those goals lingering in your mind, you don’t really want to get anywhere else than where you are right now, you don’t really want to do more, be more, have more… The only reason why you desire all those things is because you think they will provide you with the experience and feeling of love, passion, joy, peace, security…

What you desire so much, is already yours. But, the tragedy is, by chasing all those illusions OUTSIDE of you, you are actually moving away from what you REALLY want. Instead of closing the gap, you are actually making it bigger.

All the “things” you really want, are not only already right in front of you, they are within you, they are YOU!  So, stop running around in circles, become aware of your true nature and you will realize and experience the wonders that are already lying within you.

The key to letting go of the illusory veil and to see clearly is to move into specific energy vibrations that correspond with who you really are.

Those 9 energy vibrations are listed below and I suggest you “play” with them for at least a few minutes every day or as long as you want. While doing so, remain playful and practice those energy exercises with love, passion and excitement.

Have fun and feel as good as possible while playing with those 9 energy vibrations. Don’t approach it as an everyday “must-do” exercise, don’t push and force, don’t strive for perfection… let go of your mind and simply enjoy your Self while moving into those energy vibrations.

How To Use Those 9 Energy Vibrations:

Each vibration reflects your true nature and represents a very specific energy or state of being. The goal is to move into each of those vibrations, to become aware and to consciously experience those energy states. That way you will become more and more aligned with your true nature and you will resonate more and more with who you really are.

You can quickly move into any of those 9 energy vibrations, simply by repeating the corresponding affirmations (listed below) either out loud or silently. Do it from your heart and not from your mind. That way, you will immediately feel and “move into” the corresponding vibration and state of being, which is already part of your true nature.

The next step is to amplify the vibration and to stay in it as long as possible. You do this, by keeping all your focus on the energy vibration, while you remain joyful and relaxed.

Here are a few ideas on how you can intensify those energy vibrations:

  • Use visualization to amplify a specific energy vibration. For example: “I’m open and wide” – simply imagine how you are growing like a balloon, how you are becoming “wider and wider” until you are one with all existence, enjoy the feeling of absolute freedom, fully open your mind… Be creative and visualize, feel, hear… whatever helps you most.
  • Meditate about those vibrations and move deeply into them.
  • Communicate with your higher self and write down whatever comes to your mind. Have fun discovering all those little facets about the various energy vibrations.
  • If you want, add your own ideas to the statements listed below. You can even change and transform them if you prefer to – just make sure the underlying energy vibration remains the same.
  • Wrap an entire “story” around those energy vibrations, make an exciting mind movie and use any tool that may help you to amplify and to stay longer in the desired energy vibration.
  • Do as many short (30 – 60 seconds) energy vibration exercises throughout the day as possible. This allows you, to quickly move back into the corresponding state of being and to stay there for most of the day.

You could play every day with a different energy vibration, or you could focus on a specific vibration for an entire week before moving on to the next. You could also use all 9 vibrations every single day.

Listen to your own intuition and use those 9 vibrations in whatever way resonates most with you and provides you with the most joy.

Start each day (immediately after waking up) with any of those 9 energy vibrations and do the same before falling asleep.

The 9 Energy Vibrations:

  • I’m Open And Wide
  • I’m Crystal Clear
  • I’m Flowing – Smooth And Gentle As Water
  • I’m Connected And Aligned – With Who I Really Am
  • I’m Immersed In This One, Everlasting, Eternal Moment
  • Everything I Do Is Filled With Love, Passion And Excitement
  • I Fully Trust In The Process – Everything Unfolds The Way It Is Supposed To
  • I Deeply Enjoy Expressing My True, Unique Nature – I Let Go Of All Thoughts And Beliefs That Don’t Really Belong To Me
  • I AM – I Unconditionally Love Myself

This is who you really are, this is your true nature – you simply need to allow it. Immerse yourself into these energy vibrations and start expressing more and more of the REAL You.

By becoming the real YOU, your life will start unfolding in a new and magnificent way – a way you probably never experienced before.

For the first time in your life you will BE truly full-filled – with everything you ever dreamed of and much more. You will feel fully awake, aware and alive.

Everything in your life will suddenly start falling in place – exactly the way it was meant to be. All your worries, doubts and fears will simply fade away. And, you will no longer feel the need to chase all sorts illusions outside of you, because you will realize and understand that NOTHING outside of you can give you the joy and fulfilment you are longing for.

All of this is simply a result of being the REAL YOU!

So, go and play with those 9 energy vibrations. Use them every day, have fun and enjoy those magnificent states of being.

Once you are comfortably with those energy vibrations, go and teach others to do the same. Tell your friends, your family members and everyone who is open for it. But, don’t enforce it on anyone.

Tell and teach others in a way that is aligned with those 9 energy vibrations: Be open, be clear, be passionate, be smooth and gentle…

And, of course, integrate those vibrations into your own life and align all your thoughts and actions – your entire being – with those energies.

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  1. Elle  January 30, 2014

    Hi Robert…like the idea of occupying energy vibrations that keep us centred on the truth of who we are.

  2. Jumoke  January 31, 2014

    Hello Robert,
    i was looking for a technique that will help me stay in the moment because I know that is where the power is, and then I stumbled here, this is great, just what I need.
    Thank you so much.

  3. Miguel Tran  February 5, 2014

    Hi Robert, it is really useful for me and i realized it helped much just simply because of your smart writing, space between lines and effective visualization for reading, those let me easily approached everything, seems unimportant but it matters, for true.

    About the 9 energy vibrations, it does not entirely change myself immediately, but yes it helped me to realize the what, where and who in me, to realize my each part again and again everytime practicing your nine ones, and it is going entirely changed me as what i always look for!

    Thank you Robert Spadinger for so valued and passionate words!

  4. Peggy Nolan  February 10, 2014

    Hi Robert,

    I love your suggestion to go play with the 9 energy vibrations. I think I’ll go and do just that!

    GREAT article!

  5. irafillah  March 15, 2014

    Hi Robert. so happy to read your writing. .It makes me think more…can I know the techniques on how I can forget someone who had really hurt me..and leave me…I just can’t forget him…I cannot accept that he doesn’t love me anymore. …I wish you could help me…Thank you

    • Robert Spadinger  March 16, 2014

      Hi Fila,

      Know that everything in life happens for a valid reason and each and every event in life can be used in a positive or a negative way.

      What could this event (the person leaving you) be telling you? Maybe it is telling you that you should learn to be less attached to those things happening outside of you and that you should put more of your focus on loving yourself.

      When you deeply love yourself, it simply can’t hurt you if a person leaves you in order to be with someone else. Maybe your ego, your pride may be hurt, but that’s another topic and if that’s the case it is an exciting process to work on taking your ego less serious.

      If you deeply love yourself, you are filled with so much love that you will never again depend on someone else’s love.

      Loving yourself means, feeling at ease with yourself, fully accepting yourself the way you are, fully allowing yourself the way you are and simply feeling great with yourself.

      You (like everyone else) are a pure aspect of the divine, of all that is and therefore you have ALL reason to fully love yourself – no matter what others may think about you, no matter where you are situated (in whatever form: success, beauty, wealth…) in terms of the standards in your society.

      You are feeling pain, because there is resistance and there is resistance because you can’t see clearly. Clarity and the release of resistance (the letting go) comes with a deeper understanding and therefore I invite to do some daily self-reflection.

      Keep a daily diary and communicate with your higher self – I promise, this will transform your entire life in only 2-3 months.

      I know, people are always on the lookout for a magical pill that allows them to get rid of all the challenges and pain within a minute – but, those kinds of “tricks” don’t exist.

      There is only one way: You need to grow into that person that has a deeper understanding, that fully accepts and loves herself, that allows herself to let go…

      All you need is the firm intention to do that (for example, by doing some daily self reflection…) and all you need to move forward will come to you in a synchronistical way.

  6. Jean  March 31, 2014

    Hi Robert

    Got a chance to read this post from January and this is yet another great way to stay focused and in the moment. Going to play around with and practice using these vibration techniques as often as I can. Thank you for sharing your positive energy with us.