How To Get Into The Flow, Turn Work Into Play & Fun And Achieve Extraordinary Results

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How To Get Into The Flow, Turn Work Into Play & Fun And Achieve Extraordinary Results
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“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” – Buddha

You are fully immersed in the very moment. There is absolutely no effort.  You enjoy a constant flow of great ideas. You are playing, you are feeling excited and tremendously good…

You are in the FLOW!

What an amazing feeling and you may have already been there. But, probably you don’t know how you got there and you have no idea how you can get back there again.

Getting into the flow isn’t really that difficult. Actually, it is your most natural state and if you drop all those emotions that don’t really belong to your natural state, you automatically “drop” into the state of flow – there is no other way.

But, before I show you how to get into the flow, I would like to spend a few more minutes to explain a bit more in depth what this state is and why it is so tremendously beneficial and rewarding.

So, what exactly is this state of FLOW?

As I already mentioned, the flow is your most natural state and it happens when you let go of all your fears and blocks. It happens when you stop pushing, forcing and struggling, when you forget about your deadlines, when you stop worrying about making mistakes…

When you are in the flow, you are in the here and now, you are deeply connected with a much bigger part of you, a part you are usually not aware of.

You are moving like the water in the river bed – with ease and at the perfect speed. You don’t push and struggle upstream, you are simply flowing downstream and no effort is required.

I guess you already know why this is so fantastic…

Being in the flow is nearly effortless. You can “play” and take action for hours without getting tired.

And, of course, being pulled downstream is just so much more enjoyable than pushing against the stream without really getting anywhere.

Once you get into the flow, you will also realize that you have access to a much deeper creativity. Ideas and realizations start flowing into your mind easily and effortlessly.

And this means, the quality of your work will increase drastically. Creative tasks like writing, painting… that may usually take weeks could be done in hours. Actually, many of the most famous songs were written in less than 2 hours out this state of flow.

The perfect melody, the perfect words… everything is coming together – almost in an instant. You are tapping into your inner genius and the more often you do it, the faster you will get there and the deeper the connection will become.

All extraordinary achievements happen when you are in the flow and geniuses like Mozart, Einstein, Da Vinci… used to create out of this state.

Of course, the state of flow is most beneficial for highly creative tasks like writing, painting, composing… but, of course, you can also use it for ordinary tasks that usually don’t require much creativity.

Performing ordinary tasks while being in the flow won’t necessarily create better results, BUT, you will feel so much better while doing those tasks, it will require less energy and you will feel less tired and frustrated at the end of the day.

And, it is also a great way to learn the art of “getting into the flow” with simple tasks, because you will feel less pressure and it is much easier to let go when you work on something that is not so important.

Finally, how do you get into the flow?

There are various “tricks” and ways to prepare to get into the flow. Once you are an experienced “flower” you won’t need most of them anymore, but at the beginning, the points listed below are all useful and important:

  • Make sure you find yourself in a calm and relaxed environment and you won’t be disturbed for the next few hours, or for however long you want to work on a specific task.
  • Close your eyes and do a short 5 minute meditation to calm down your mind. Take a few deep breaths and spend a few minutes in silence. Simply enjoy and let go.
  • Visualize yourself being in the flow. Everything is easy, everything flows naturally, great ideas are coming easily… and you deeply enjoy this marvelous state.
  • Take on a relaxed and playful attitude. Forget about all the stress and deadlines. Stop worrying about not being good enough. Get out of the “pushing and forcing mode” and allow yourself to be pulled to new heights using the gentle force of the flow.
  • Let go of all the pressure. Forget about your must do’s and have to’s… Flow cannot happen as long as there is any resistance. What resistance? Fear, worry, forcing, pushing, deadlines, must do, absolutely needs to happen… you know what I’m talking about.
  • Flow is the connection with your inner being, with your true SELF and this means, you need to be your SELF. You are perfect the way you are and you shouldn’t be any different. No one in this world has the exact same combination of talents and qualities you have. The world needs you exactly the way you ARE!

    Don’t try to be someone else. Be yourself, fall into yourself, enjoy your SELF and love your SELF. Have faith and trust your SELF – the river will carry you and there isn’t much you need to do. That’s the quickest and easiest way to get into the flow.

  • Now, simply start playing – without any seriousness and without expecting anything – a bit like a baby learns to walk and to talk. Write a few words without thinking too much. Have an enjoyable inner dialog with your higher self and just express what’s coming…
    Yes, just fool around for a while. And suddenly, a new, bright thought or idea will pop into your mind – you are getting pulled into the flow. Take the idea and do something with it. Soon, a new thought will join in, and a new one, and another…

    Now, it’s getting really exciting… You are enjoying it – don’t you?

Getting into the flow and enjoying extraordinary results as well as a deeply fulfilling state of being isn’t really that difficult. It just takes a bit of practice and a playful attitude.

Just give it a try, I’m sure you will absolutely love it.
Do you experience yourself in the state of flow on a regular basis? How do you get there? Please share your experiences in the comment section below.

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  1. richmiraclefiles  October 29, 2013

    Hi Robert,
    I endorse your concept of being in the flow of things.It is a crucial contributor to creativity.And you make an important point in saying that self love generates good flow.
    Besides, I also believe that all you need to be IN FLOW at anything is ,genuine interest in that field and enough determination to go on doing that one thing.Over and over again, till you start seeing your coveted results.

    Of course you will need creativity,innovation,understanding of the basics,perseverance,diligence,fortitude,patience,and all other sterling qualities.
    Yet these attributes will pretty much align with your inclination when you have one of the greatest

    characteristics.That is, concerted action.


    • Robert Spadinger  October 29, 2013

      Thanks a lot for your great comment, Mona. And yes, I agree, you need to have a genuine interest in the field you are working in, otherwise, there will always be some sort of strain that prevents you from getting into the flow.

  2. Clare  October 29, 2013

    Hi Robert,

    Great post, Life is so amazing when you are in the flow, everything just well….flows!!

    When I write I always know when I am truly in the flow, the words just write themselves so easily and it feels amazing, when you let go and allow everything to just ‘be’ life is such fun and takes you to a whole new level. I just had to share my little poem with you, I feel it goes well with your post!

    The rivers of Life are flowing and waiting for you
    To grab your dreams and float gently downstream
    The gentle waters will carry you effortlessly
    Adding just a sprinkle of faith and belief

    The way is so easy just go with the flow
    The rivers will guide you and you will begin to know
    That life is waiting patiently for you to realize
    That all you ever needed was always inside

    Waiting for you to unlock with your keys
    Those of desire, trust and belief
    Let go and enjoy the wonder of life
    The universe is waiting for you to grab your prize.

    Its been great to find your blog & connect with you!


    • Robert Spadinger  October 30, 2013

      Hi Clare, thank you so much for your wonderful poem. I absolutely love it 🙂 Simply by reading your poem I’m already getting into the flow and I’m pretty sure, this will also work for others.

  3. Elle  October 30, 2013

    Hi Robert, I like your flow ideas and as a great one for saying to myself frequently throughout the day, I have a easy drive, or an easy day I didn’t realise I was putting myself in the flow. But it makes a lot of sense. I suspect the fact that I seek and of course find joy in every day supports being in the flow.

  4. Sebastian  November 6, 2013


    Those are some solid advices. I don’t consciously try to get in the flow. It usually happens but I can see how these works. I’ve been unconsciously following those tips.

    There are two moments when I usually experience the flow. One is when I’m making YouTube videos. I will literally go without eating or resting for 6 hours straight. The other one is when I’m singing. I get lose in reality.

  5. sherill  June 24, 2015

    Hi, This is very timely for me, I should take the 5 minute meditation and let it flow. Thanks so much for sharing. Great Read!

  6. Chris Hayes  December 17, 2015

    Nice! I’ve been looking for clear, concise instructions on how to get into a flow state. Yours were the best I’ve found so far, seems like it will work very well too. I’m gonna give this a shot, much appreciated my friend.