Slow Down And Start Enjoying Your Life

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Slow Down And Start Enjoying Your Life
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Life is meant to be enjoyed. Take some time to live and breathe. Lean back and relax, at least every now and then…

It is great to have success and to achieve things in life, but there must be a healthy balance between taking action and resting.

Don’t fall into the habit of chasing one achievement after another. Slow down and take some time out every now and then, otherwise you won’t even be able to enjoy your achievements. And there is absolutely no point in accumulating success after success if you don’t get any joy out of it.

You might become a billionaire, a celebrity, an Olympic champion… but if it doesn’t add any happiness to your life it is not worthwhile. Do what you do, because it is so much fun and because you enjoy it so much and not because there might be some big reward at the end of the road.

If at the end of your life you can say that most of the time you have been happy, then your life has been a huge success. No matter what others may think of you, no matter how much money you earned, no matter if you have been famous or not…

And being happy has absolutely nothing to do with achievement, it is all about finding your passion and simply doing what you love to do… the results follow naturally.

Whatever you want to achieve, be aware that it’s the path towards your achievement that counts most and not the end result. The path is long, the end result is only a short moment of excitement.

So, enjoy the path, otherwise you will never be able to enjoy your life – and that’s really all that counts, nothing is more important. If there is no joy and fun in your life, you aren’t really living, you are merely existing.

Slow down and stop chasing false dreams. Stop missing all the magnificent moments in your life. In order to hear that quiet voice within you that guides you towards abundance, happiness and fulfillment, you have to stop rushing and racing. Be still and listen, watch and take your time. Enjoy the happiness that flows from within when you let go and become silent.

You may think that you have to do A, B and C… before you can take off some time and start enjoying your life. Unfortunately, for most people this time never comes. When you are finished with A, B and C – D, E and F will already be on your mind and it will continue like that until the end of your life.

The moment to enjoy your life is NOW! If you can’t enjoy what you are doing, find something else and do something different. If you like what you are doing, but you are stressed out, slow down, take some breaks, recharge your batteries, disconnect completely…

Don’t worry, you won’t miss out on anything if you stop every now and then. Actually, you will move on much quicker, because you will be more creative and have better ideas after coming back from a break.

If you are not in the “flow” because you are stressed out, you will only be spinning your wheels, but you won’t achieve anything meaningful.

Learn to take things a bit less serious and spend more time with your SELF. Simply observe, watch, listen, enjoy, do nothing, let go…

Happiness can’t be found in chasing, racing, rushing and acquiring all sorts of things.

You think you will be happy, once you get your dream villa? Think again! You think you will be happy, once you get that promotion? Think again! You think you will be happy, once you achieve the next big thing? Think again!…

Sure, there will be some excitement at the beginning, but it usually doesn’t last that long and shortly after you will be chasing the next illusion.

Happiness is already within you, it’s your natural state, and it can easily be experienced in the most simple things – letting go, letting happen, doing nothing, silence…

Of course, there is nothing wrong with achievement and success – as long as you deeply enjoy the path towards your achievements and as long as you are not getting too attached to a specific end result.

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  1. Sebastian  October 26, 2013

    Happiness is a journey and not a destination. Couldn’t agree more. What are your passions Robert?

    Ps: I agree with doing what you love. If you go all out 100%, everything will take care of itself.

  2. Robert Spadinger  October 28, 2013

    Yes, Sebastian, and happiness can be accessed and experienced at any moment – even if ones current circumstances are not that great. Many people make the mistake to say: Once I reach my goal in 1 year, 3 years, 5 years… I will be happy. They may reach their goal, but it won’t make them happy.

    Happiness is a choice – a choice to feel good every day. As with everything in life, this needs to be learned and “practiced” and the happiness will grow over time and it will be easier to access.

    And if happiness (the state of just feeling great, passionate, excited…) becomes your status quo, your “outside world” will change as well – you will attract different people, different ideas, different circumstances… all sorts of things that correspond with the way you feel within.