The Key To Consciously Creating The Life You Want And Why Most People Keep On Experiencing The Same Old Circumstances

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The Key To Consciously Creating The Life You Want And Why Most People Keep On Experiencing The Same Old Circumstances
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The power to consciously create whatever you want and whatever you can believe in lies already within you and the process of conscious creation is actually very simple:

You focus long enough and with sufficient intensity on a specific idea using your thoughts, emotions and mental images. After some time, this leads to an inner dynamic, where new thoughts and ideas join in. Your drive, motivation and excitement starts building and soon you will feel the strong impulse and desire to take action on your thoughts and ideas. And finally, after taking enough inspired action, your initial thought becomes your physical reality.

Yes, the process is simple, BUT it is not easy!

Why is so difficult for most people to create their desired reality?

Because of conflicting thoughts!

When you think about something you want with strong intensity, you start pulling the object of your focus into your physical reality. Now, your physical reality won’t reflect your inner state of being immediately and this means, you need to hold on to your new thoughts, feelings and mental images for some time.

And this could be weeks, months and even years depending on what you are trying to achieve. But that’s not really a problem, because conscious creation is an absolutely exciting process and reaching your final goal isn’t really the ultimate purpose but only be the icing on the cake.

It is not about the money, the fame, the success… in reality it is ALL about one thing and one thing only: The process of consciously creating the reality you want to experience!

But, as this process of conscious creation usually takes some time, there is a risk that conflicting thoughts start creeping in and when that happens, you start slowing down and maybe even cancelling your original creation.

Let’s say, you focus with strong intensity on abundance for several weeks and during that time, subtle changes start happening in your physical reality on a quantum level. Nothing visible just yet, but a slight shift is already happening.

The template layer between thought energy and physical matter responds and starts resonating with the new and different vibrational energy that is emanating from YOU or your inner state of being.

But then you get impatient and you start worrying. Doubts and fears enter your mind and you slip back into your old habits of negative thinking.  Of course, you are still creating (you are always creating something), but now you are unconsciously creating something you don’t want.

You reverse the process of conscious “abundance creation” you started a while ago and now you are unconsciously creating poverty, the opposite of what you want.

Worries about failure, doubts if you will ever enjoy financial freedom, fears of bankruptcy… are thoughts and emotions that point in the opposite direction of abundance, they conflict with abundance and therefore will make it impossible for you to enjoy abundance in your physical reality.

It is like wanting to go from L.A. to New York and driving north towards Alaska.

Whenever you indulge in conflicting thoughts, in thoughts and feelings that are not aligned with what you want , you are about to cancel the effects of your positive mental focus and the experience of your desired reality will be delayed until you re-align your thoughts.

But, how can I avoid those conflicting thoughts? I cannot just say I’m abundant, when everything in my life indicates that I’m not?

Does really EVERYTHING in your life indicate that you are not…?

Ok, let’s look at this in a bit more detail. Here is the absolute number 1 reason why most people have such tremendous difficulties to consciously create what they want…

…this is really important, it is the key to everything, so please pay attention:

By observing your current circumstances and by mistakenly identifying yourself with those circumstances and looking at them as your reality you remain stuck in your current situation and you keep on creating the same events again and again.

Please let me explain…

For example, let’s say you are currently experiencing some financial problems and you decide to consciously create the experience of having an abundance of money. You focus on being wealthy, you visualize yourself being able to spend money without having to worry about the consequences… You are about to create abundance.

And then you open your letterbox and find a stack of bills. You start worrying, you wonder how you should pay all those bills… Now, you are about to create more poverty.

So, by observing your current circumstances (your bills, your lack of income…), you shift your focus from abundance to poverty and you unconsciously create more poverty while cancelling the effects of your conscious wealth creation efforts.

You took one step forward, now you are taking one step backward…

…and unfortunately, most people remain completely stuck in this constant loop of creating what they want and then cancelling their creation by observing and identifying with their current circumstances.

You are motivated, you are excited, your thoughts are aligned with your goal… you are about to create a new reality. But, then you look at your current circumstances and say, this doesn’t work, I will never reach my goals, I will always remain poor… and you immediately undo your creation.

But, you are only observing what is… You cannot just deceive yourself and pretend that things are different than they are, right?

Here is the key, the solution to the dilemma…

Your current circumstances are not your “absolute, immediate” reality. They are only a reflection of your past thoughts, beliefs and emotions. They are only a shadow of your past, inner reality, a material manifestation of your past inner vibration.

BUT, those circumstances do not necessarily reflect any longer your current reality.

For example, in the past you may have held on to beliefs, thoughts and feelings of lack of abundance and that way you unconsciously created poverty. Now, you can observe this poverty in your everyday life and you may think that this is who you are, that this is your absolute reality…

The truth however is…

You have only one absolute reality, one reality that keeps shaping and affecting your future… and it is your inner state of being, the thoughts, beliefs and emotions you are holding on to right now, this very moment.

Your inner state of being is the only thing that really counts, because it defines your tomorrow, whereas your current outer circumstances are only a shadow of the past.

What keeps you stuck in your current situation is when you identify yourself with your current circumstances and when you align your inner state of being, your thoughts and feelings with the events and circumstances of your daily life. Of course, you don’t do this consciously, it is just a trained reaction.

For example, you are positive and cheerful and then you find a bill in your mailbox and immediately you start feeling bad, you worry about your debt and money problems…

In other words, you allow your outer circumstances (which are only a reflection of your PAST thinking) to drag you from a state of abundance to a state of poverty.

Instead you should tell yourself something like: “Ok, those bills are only a shadow of my past, I will take care of them, BUT I don’t allow this event to alter my current state of mind. My new reality is happiness and abundance and soon it will also become visible in my physical reality…”

Once again, don’t look at the events in your life and say that’s who I am and it is really bad, I will never make it… Rather say, that’s who I WAS, but it doesn’t matter anymore, because now I’m choosing something different.

Your current outer circumstances are no longer part of your reality, unless you hold on to them and confirm with your thoughts and feelings that they represent who you are.

Don’t forget, you have full control over your thoughts and at any moment you can decide to create the physical experience of your choice by remaining focused (with your beliefs, thoughts and emotions) on what you want to create – NO MATTER what your current circumstances may be.

Your old ghosts will still be hanging around for some time…

So, be aware, even though all your mental focus right now may be on abundance, for a certain period of time, your current outer circumstances will continue to reflect your past creation of poverty and there may be unpaid bills, a lack of money, you boss may decline your request for a salary increase…

But, that’s not  a big deal. Now, you know that all of this is only a result of your past creation still lingering around. You take care of the events in your life, but you don’t worry about them and you stop keeping those circumstances alive by feeding them with negative energy.

Of course, you can’t help noticing those events that don’t really belong to your new reality anymore, but you can refuse to fall back into your old habits of worry and doubt. And you immediately direct your focus to those thoughts, beliefs and feelings that are aligned with the new reality you want to create.

Sure, this is not so easy, especially at the beginning. You notice your current circumstances and unconsciously you tend to belief that what you see and experience is your ultimate reality.

And because you are so used to this process of immediately reacting to your circumstances, you will be inclined to say: “I’m overwhelmed by those bills, I will never be able to pay them off, I’m really in a terrible situation…”

But now, you know better and you can easily break the train of negative thoughts.

Don’t forget, your only absolute reality is your current inner state of being and that’s where ALL your creations are coming from.

  • You focus with intensity on specific thoughts, emotions and mental images.
  • This creates a certain inner dynamic.
  • New thoughts and ideas start joining in.
  • Your motivation, excitement and drive keeps growing.
  • The impulse and desire to take action on your ideas is increasing.
  • Finally you get going and you start taking.
  • You attract more great thoughts and ideas and action turns into massive action.
  • After some time, your creation becomes visible in your physical experience.

At any moment you have 100% control over your thoughts and mental images which determine how you feel and therefore you have full control over your inner state of being and this is really ALL you need to create the reality you desire.

So, in order to create what you want to experience on a physical level, all you need to do is to remain anchored in an inner state of being (using your thoughts, emotions and mental images) that is aligned with what you want to realize.

And of course, for a certain period of time, your inner state of being (your only true reality) will be different from your current outer circumstances (the product of your past unconscious creation).

Don’t allow the illusion of your current circumstances to drag you back into your old habits of negative thinking and feeling. You need to “co-exist” for a while with your current physical reality (the ghosts of your pasts) and there is nothing you can do about it. Simply refuse to keep on feeding those circumstances you no longer want to experience by holding on to the same old thoughts and feelings.

Always remember, as soon as you change your inner state of being, your physical reality starts changing as well and if you hold on long enough and with sufficient intensity to those new thoughts and feelings, your outer reality will change as well.

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  1. P Kent  November 17, 2013

    This is a very nice and informative blog. Something that is very much needed, but I do have a question though that pertains to numerology. Now, I follow Deepak Chopra a lot and he speaks a lot about allowing for things to unfold to you effortlessly. I don’t feel as if everyone shares the same path when it comes to allowing the Universe to orchestrate your divine connections vs you putting in a lot of hard work and beating the pavement for your success. Could it be that this may apply more so to those who have a life path 9, 11, 22, 33? Can anyone help me with this?

    • Robert Spadinger  November 17, 2013

      Yes, allowing is a very important aspect of conscious creation. However, allowing DOES NOT mean that you lean back and wait for the universe to take action for you. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience and in this physical universe, NOTHING will happen without taking action.

      But, the taking action part is meant to be effortless, fun and exciting. You are supposed to take inspired action on the thoughts and ideas that are flowing to you, using the energy, drive, motivation and passion that builds up because of the “creational” work you are doing – please read again the bullet points towards the end of the article.

      Allowing simply means accepting what currently is without fighting against it. For example, if you are poor and you decide to create abundance in your life, at the beginning of your wealth creation, there will still be events and circumstances in your life that remind you of your money problems, like too many bills…

      Now, allowing means that you accept those current circumstances without slipping into emotions like fear, anger, worry, desperation… You simply deal with those issues in an unattached way, you remain anchored in your abundance consciousness and you keep on taking action that is aligned with your desire to create abundance. There is no pushing and fighting against what is, because if you fight against your poverty, you put your focus and attention on poverty (instead of abundance) and by doing so, you create more poverty.

      Unfortunately, the Law of Attraction is often explained in a way that makes people belief that there is no need to take action and that all that needs to be done is to lean back to visualize and to use affirmations… those are fantastic tools, but nothing will happen until you take action and if you want really big things to happen, it requires taking massive action.

      However, it is not about HARD work, pushing and forcing, it is about getting into the energy that will light the desire in you to take action on your ideas and to deeply enjoy the taking action part.

      You can also take a look at my article about getting into the flow to learn more about how you can take effortless action:

      Regarding your question about the numerology numbers, honestly I would not pay too much atteention to it. We are all creators and we all have the magnificent ability to create a life that is filled with love, abundance and overflowing joy and that’s really all that counts.

      If you identify yourself with a specific number or sign, you may limit yourself by thinking that you have certain flaws or weaknesses because of your number or sign and that there is not much you can do about it.

  2. Andries  November 17, 2013

    Hi Robert, makes a lot of sense. For myself, I keep on falling flat in the above scenario because I forget the time-span involved between creating and materialising. Some other impacts are also involved in our internal sabotaging of ourselves, i.e.: As you noted above when doubt enters into the “picture” and/or if you change your mind midway about what you want in case a later model becomes available. Regards

    • Robert Spadinger  November 17, 2013

      Yes, Andries, the time span between creation and materialization is the hardest part to deal with. But it will be much easier, once you fully understand the entire process and once you realize that those unwanted circumstances are only a shadow of your past and that they will go away once you stop focusing on the thoughts that created those circumstances.

  3. Elle  November 18, 2013

    So, so true Robert. We can only and always experience our consciousness. It’s easy to get caught up in our current experiences of life and begin to think from them…like your getting bills in the mail and going right back to old ways of thinking. We live in such an abundant world, we’re surrounded by abundance in so many forms maybe simply focusing on abundance would be a good place to start?

    • Robert Spadinger  November 19, 2013

      Thanks, Elle. And yes, you are absolutely right, there is so much abundance out there and we can find it almost anywhere… We just have to learn to see it, to be grateful for it and to enjoy it. It’s all those many little things that add so much joy and excitement to our lives and not only those so-called “big” things.

  4. B.  November 18, 2013

    what a nice blog you have here! I am glad I came across it! These words are music to my ears: “Ok, those bills are only a shadow of my past, I will take care of them, BUT I don’t allow this event to alter my current state of mind. My new reality is happiness and abundance and soon it will also become visible in my physical reality…”

    I have a problem with running into and working with people I just do not vibrate well with, creating massive interference. Yes, I work with such people from time to time and would like to stop that from happening. I love working with visionaries, who totally get a project’s trajectory and understand stuff at the basic level and where it is going. I understand not everyone can be like that, but how do I attract those into my reality? Just think about them? Not taking on work that my gut tells me not to (it is always right; I can tell even from the voice of a person)?

    I guess I beat myself up for past mistakes, which I know we are not supposed to, but how can we not when we really screwed up? If we were given a great opportunity and we messed up by doing something else, how can we feel good about that? The universe always knows and gives accordingly what is best for us. Not taking something is a major, setting you back God knows how long. Starting from within with forgiveness is the way to go, but it is tough.

    • Robert Spadinger  November 19, 2013

      Thanks a lot for your great comment. When we attract people who vibrate on a different frequency and who seem to “push our boundaries”, we do so for a reason. There is always a message in everything. Oftentimes, specific character traits of others that stir us up are a reflection of something we carry within – fears, things we don’t like about ourselves, thinks we are not at peace yet, things we are fighting against…

      Make it a game. Whenever you are confronted with such a person, allow this person to be the way he/she is and even more important, allow yourself to be the true YOU – no matter what the other may think or say. Learn to handle those situations without any inner friction and enjoy the challenge. That way you can turn an event you would normally experience as unpleasant into something fun and exciting and maybe you become even good friends with the person you dislike at first.

      Messing up is part of the plan, it belongs to the process. Imagine you would have never messed up in your entire life, everything ALWAYS went perfect, not the slightest mistake or even hickup… – you wouldn’t be the same person, you wouldn’t have the abundance and depth of experience you have now, you wouldn’t understand anyone who is suffering or facing challenges…. Maybe you would be rich and famous, but you would be very bored. Our live was never meant to be without any challenges. Challenges are fantastic, they allow us to grow… Be happy with your challenges, get excited about them and don’t look at them as evil problems.

      • B.  November 21, 2013


        Your response brought to mind Thomas Crown, the wealthy thief who simply did it for fun because he was bored! haha! It made for a great movie and the remake I even like better. The point is, he made trouble because he was bored, so I see your point now! It really is part of the plan to learn and grow, no matter what situation you are in!

  5. madhumita mitra  November 19, 2013

    hi, roberts
    a very informative blog definitely. but i cant figure out that how can someone keep up with positive thoughts when after a lot of tries the problem just does not want to get over ?

    • Robert Spadinger  November 20, 2013

      Could it be that you are too focused on the problem and that you practice positive thinking in order to get rid of the problem? Lots of people use an attitude like: Ok, there is something in my life I don’t like… I practice positive thinking and it will surely go away quickly… the next day, the problem is still there and you are annoyed about it, you wonder when you will finally get rid of it, and it bothers you and bothers… you spend a lot of time focusing on the PROBLEM – you see? And you say again, good I will do more positive thinking just to make the problem go away – and that way you keep on focusing and what you don’t want and that way you create more of it.

      The key is to get at ease with your problem, to allow it, to think and bother less and less about your problem, to take off your energy and focus of the problem, yes to literally starve it to “death” by not caring… and to stay in an energy, an emotional state that reflects what you want.

      As long as you fight and struggle with your problem, as long as it bothers you, you will keep it alive – no matter how much you visualize and think positively. Focus on what you want, take action that is aligned with your vision and stop COMPLETELY worrying about your problem.

      But, careful, when I say “stop worrying about your problem”, this of course doesn’t mean you should stop taking action – you always need to take action in this physical realm in order to get things moving. What I mean is to cut your emotional ties (worry, fear, anger…) with the problem.

  6. Sebastian  November 23, 2013

    It Is Not About The Money, The Fame, The Success… In Reality It Is ALL About One Thing And One Thing Only: The Process Of Consciously Creating The Reality You Want To Experience!

    This was genius. Jim Carrey and Oprah go a lot into how this works. I recommend watching their interviews.

    I liked what you said concerning the Law of Attraction. It’s not about sitting on your couch and waiting for your wishes to come true. You must get up and do stuff having faith that it’ll work.

  7. richmiraclefiles  November 27, 2013

    Hi Robert
    That’s a deeply insightful post.
    What also matters is that your super causal body attracts a lot of vibrations from your experiences in the past,including previous births.These are lodged in our intercellular spaces as deep psychic impressions that cause us to recurringly experience the same tape over and over again.
    Desires too contribute enormously here.
    Desire agitates because of impatience ?Why the impatience?Because we have very little time with us as humans. Why do we have less time?Because at the very root of our being is the deep,subtle,subconscious knowledge that we are mortal.Yes we are mortal.MORTAL.That’s right M-O-R-T-A-L.

    This is the deep rooted wellspring of our impatience with every desire.The basis of agitation and dissonance.That is “misery” in the Buddha’s words.”Stress” in the uber-modern world.

    Nonetheless ,here we must remind ourselves that desires will always arrive as milestones on the highway of life.And these milestones,these desires will arise in multifarious forms.They will come as inspirations,they will come as actions to be initiated ,as performance to be displayed before others,as approval to be gained from others,.In fact every action of our life is desire in motion.

    • Robert Spadinger  November 29, 2013

      “Every action of our life is desire in motion” – that’s brilliant. Thanks a lot, Mona for your great comment.

      • J. Brown  August 22, 2015

        Kind of like that saying that “every emotion is energy in motion.” E-motion. Get? Hahaha. SO glad to have found this forum. I am sending out an APB for like minded individuals. They are now bombarding me, its fantastic. In times of doubt, I let the water in the shower run over my tears and down into the drain where God collects them and then smiles at me with the Sun.

  8. Sean  February 13, 2014


    I caught this site on a search of the subject.

    I have been seeking for someone else that is teaching this information as I see it and you hit it right on the head.

    The amazingly liberating thing is that as someone realizes that the current situation is a “side effect” and that the present thoughts will create the future circumstance, those thoughts, if positive, will create in your inner reality the feeling or experience of you being there now. Just the act of imagining a future reality is liberating, no mater the circumstance now.

  9. Lydia  September 8, 2015

    Of all the articles l have come across in the past one week non has hit the nail on the head of what my life has been in terms wanting to creat what you desire only to fall back into what you erroneously thought was your reality, the lack , the bills, the worries and frustrations of how to meet your needs and that of your loved ones etc. I am truly grateful for this piece and all the enlightenment l have found in it. I have one question, why does it seem as if the negative things are fast to manifest more than the good things even when you are doing all you can to creat what you desire?

  10. Jane  November 3, 2015

    This post resonates deeply within. I’m very thankful to have come across your blog. I love your detailed thought and question process and love how you keep tracking these questions down to its very core. It’s so uplifting, and so inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing!

  11. Amber  January 13, 2016

    An excellent article Robert, thank you! Often a few pieces of the puzzle are missing, so to have such a clear and informative explanation is very helpful!

  12. Li  April 4, 2016

    Things really happen for a reason. And I know I came across to your website to get the perfect answers and explanation to what I have been searching for in a long time. I read a lot already about LOA, Universal laws, quantum physics etc. I learned from a lot of writers and teachers and I admired them all but you are far the best in clearly explaining this topic. You are so great and thank you so much that I finally understood this gray area. I now see the reason why I cannot create my desires for a very very long time. My only question is how will you align your energy to the things that you want to create in your life?