How To Connect With Your Inner Happiness And Feel Great For The Rest Of Your Life

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How To Connect With Your Inner Happiness And Feel Great For The Rest Of Your Life
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The only place to find true happiness is within yourself. The reason why there are so many unhappy people is because most people try to find happiness outside themselves and they never look within.

Happiness is always with you and you can access it anytime – even if you are deeply depressed. However, if you keep looking in the wrong direction you simply won’t be able to feel and experience happiness in your life.

Acquiring wealth, prestige, power, fame… may be exciting the moment you get those things, but it is surely not a recipe to happiness. You fight and struggle for years to get your dream villa and once you have it, you realize that life isn’t much different than it was before.

So, was it really worth, wasting all those years fighting and struggling just for a short moment of excitement?

On the other hand, if you follow your heart and do what you love, you will feel great every day and you will be connected constantly with the happiness within you. On top of that you may acquire wealth, fame… and all sorts of other little gifts at the same time without really making any particular effort.

You are already happy, fulfilled, abundant… within, you may just not be able to experience it, because all sorts of negative thoughts and beliefs may block the doorway to your inner treasures.

What can you do to push away those clouds of negative thoughts and beliefs in order to access your inner happiness?

Calm down, relax and let go. Let go of everything for a moment – your past, what needs to be done today, what may happen tomorrow… dive within and disconnect from your mind for a moment.

Once you let go, you will suddenly feel it – a glimpse of happiness, a deep inner peace, a sudden strength you never experienced before…

That’s who you really are: Happiness, love, peace, freedom… Anything else you may think about yourself is a mind created illusion. An illusion you have started taking for real and therefore became  reflected in your outer experiences and circumstances.

Take a few moments every now and then to go within and become aware of your true nature. Close your eyes, calm your mind and dive within. Simply observe and BE. Don’t expect anything in particular and don’t judge whatever might or might not happen.

The easiest way to experience your true nature – happiness, peace, love, fulfillment… – is in deep silence, when your mind is absolutely still.

It is not complicated, but it will need some practice to calm your mind. Every day, take a few minutes and go within. Make it a daily routine,  even if it is difficult sometimes and even if you have the impression that nothing special is happening.

All you’ve ever been looking for in life is already within you and that’s also the only place where you can find it. It’s impossible to fulfill your deepest yearnings on the outside.

Once you connect with your true nature within, abundance, love, fulfillment… will also manifest in your material world, because your outer circumstances and experiences are only a reflection of your inner state of being.

A long as you are not aware of your “inner happiness”, accumulating material things, titles, honors… won’t make you happy. Even after you’ve done all the hard work and accomplished whatever you desired, you will still feel more or less the same. For someone on the outside it may look like your life has changed completely, but to you it won’t really feel that different.

Once again, make it a habit and go within, into deep silence for at least a few minutes every day. Just watch and observe without spinning your mind, without judging and reflecting – simply BE.

Within, in deep silence you will find whatever you’ve been longing for and even much more.

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