How To Bend Your Reality

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How To Bend Your Reality
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“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” – Albert Einstein

What you perceive as the physical world, reality, everything that is out there… is just an illusion. There is only one thing that is real – your “Beingness”, the essence of who you really are, your true nature.

Everything you perceive as “out there” is only a reflection of your current state of being. And, your current state of being is defined by your core beliefs, which in turn determine your thoughts, emotions and actions.

And so, to create your experiences, to allow yourself to continuously expand, to enrich yourself and “All That Is”, you create this playground called physical reality, which is a perfect reflection of your current state of being.

It is like a marvelous feedback system where all events and circumstances constantly provide you with interesting and helpful information about your Self, about your current state of being.

The outside world is a perfect mirror of what is currently going on within yourself. So, in a sense, everything you perceive as outside of you, belongs to you, is connected with you and tells you something about yourself.

But, how could all of this help you to improve your life?

What you perceive as your outside reality is an illusion, it is like a reflection in a mirror. So, it won’t help a lot if you try to change, modify, re-arrange… certain elements in this illusory reflection in order to improve your life.

You can change and improve the way you experience life only by changing the source of the reflection – by changing your Self, your current state of being.

If you try to manipulate the outside illusion – for example by changing your job, moving to a different country, looking for a new partner… WITHOUT changing your inner state of being, you will only keep on re-creating the same life experiences again and again.

Why? Because your life experiences, those events and circumstances that seem to be happening “out there” are only a reflection, a mirror of what is going on within you, of your inner state of being.

And, if your inner state of being doesn’t change, the outside reflection won’t change neither – no matter how often you change jobs, partners, countries… The same situations and circumstances will just keep on following you like a shadow.

Here is the solution…

So, all you need to do is to move into a state of being that corresponds with what you really want. What do you want to change in your life? Imagine how this changed person would think, feel, act… And then simple BE this person, live your life as if what you want is already your reality. Act as if you are already this person, fully move into this energy and vibration – into this state of being.

And as I already mentioned, your state of being – your thoughts and emotions, your actions and behavior mostly depends on your core beliefs. So, you will need to dig down deep in order to figure out what those core beliefs are and once you realize them, you can change them and replace them with beliefs that are more aligned with what you want.

I highly recommend you do some daily self reflection to find out more about your core beliefs. You probably acquired most of them through your early childhood and some of them may be a bit tricky to uncover.

Do you think you are worthy? Do you believe money comes only with hard work? Do you think success evades you because you are not good enough? Do you believe you don’t deserve a partner that treats you with love and respect…?

Just keep on digging and you will soon understand where those limiting beliefs are coming from. Then simply look at them, analyze them and you will realize that they don’t really make any sense and with that realization you can let go of them and replace those beliefs with better ones that serve you more.

So, once again, there is only one reality: Your inner state of being. Everything outside of you is only a reflection of that inner state of being. And, if you don’t like certain things in your reflection, don’t try to change that reflection, change the source of the reflection – your inner state of being.

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  1. Leslie  March 27, 2014

    Excellent article! Very well stated.

  2. Rauf Saeed  April 11, 2014

    beautiful and thoughtful article