A Surefire Way To Cure Unhappiness And To Become The Happiest Person In The World

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A Surefire Way To Cure Unhappiness And To Become The Happiest Person In The World
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Are you feeling absolutely fantastic every single moment of your life, or at least most of the time?

Most people consider “just feeling ok” the status quo, the “normal” state of being. But, just imagine for a moment how different and more pleasant your life would be if you would be absolutely happy most of the time.

And you know what? It is not even that difficult. And in fact you have already been there…

As children, up to a certain age we feel absolutely fantastic almost all the time. But, as we grow up we learn from our society to worry, to close our hearts, to be realistic, to stop dreaming…  and our happiness leaves us.

Feeling not so great or being unhappy most of the time is only a symptom of thinking the wrong kinds of thoughts for an extended period.

But, you can bring back the ease, let go of all the thoughts, ideas and beliefs that don’t serve you… and the joy and happiness will start flowing back into your life.

The beliefs you acquired a long time ago (most of them as a child) lead to certain thoughts, those thoughts lead to certain emotions and feelings and all of them together determine your reality.

Negative, destructive and unpleasant thoughts act like a barrier for your happiness…

Happiness naturally flows into your life all the time, but if there are negative thoughts you simply can’t experience your happiness.

Simply dismiss all negative and destructive thoughts and you will be much happier. And not only will you be happier, you will also be more successful, more respected, you will attract more wealth, better health…

You won’t be able to completely change your way of thinking from one day to the next. First, you need to become aware whenever you fall into the habit of negative thinking and once you become aware of it, you can simply say: “Stop”, and replace your negative thoughts with positive ones.

This will get easier every day and over time, there will be less and less negative thoughts that “pop up” in your head. It is like getting rid of a bad habit (like smoking) and replacing it with a good one – it probably will feel somewhat uncomfortable at the beginning, but you will start feeling better and better every day.

Your mind can help you to manifest whatever you want…

Your mind is like a tool that allows you to accomplish certain things. It helps you to create and materialize the life you are envisioning. And this works equally for the “good” things as well as for the “bad” things you are envisioning. The mind doesn’t have any preference, it simply executes your orders.

You need to learn to direct and guide your mind so it can help you to manifest a reality that’s beneficial for yourself and for others and you do so by feeding your mind with the kinds of thoughts, images, beliefs… that correspond with what you want.

You are worried about getting cancer, because someone in your family had cancer? Don’t! Just replace those thoughts with images of radiant health. Otherwise, if you keep on worrying for years about getting cancer you may finally “succeed” and create one.

Stop thinking thoughts that correspond with a reality you don’t want!

Again, the mind doesn’t distinguish between good or bad, it just follows your orders. If you tell your mind: “Give me abundance and fulfillment”, the mind will find ways to give it to you. If you constantly worry about lack and unhappiness, the mind will also find ways to give it to you – it won’t tell you: “Hey, that’s not really a good choice, try something else”.

Whatever you are asking for, whatever you are focusing on, the mind will find ways to pull it into your life. You will attract certain information and people, you will get excited and motivated about certain ideas and you will feel the strong urge to take action on those ideas… and your reality changes.

The solution is to become more and more aware of your thoughts and beliefs and to simply dismiss all those thoughts and ideas that are not “beneficial” in any way.

Be careful, negative beliefs and thought patterns can arise from all sort of seemingly unimportant situations.

Here are some typical situations people encounter every day:

  • Let’s say, today is your day off and it’s raining all day long. You are annoyed and frustrated. You say, “that can only happen to me”, you imagine all day long, how wonderful this day would have been with a bit of sunshine and then you get annoyed again…
    Why not just taking advantage of the situation: Read the book you bought last month, spend some time with your friend at your favorite coffee place, go shopping…Choose to be happy rather than being annoyed and unhappy all day long – there are just too many reasons for you to be happy rather than being unhappy.
  • Or, someone treated you with disrespect at your workplace and now you think all day long how to best retaliate. You might start wondering: “Maybe people treat me like this because I’m just stupid, maybe I don’t deserve any respect…”And your mind keeps on running: I don’t deserve respect, I’m Mr. unimportant, I’m a loser…
    Stop! Just stop your mind right here and right now. Remind yourself about all your great qualities, about all the nice things you did for others, about all the fantastic things you already achieved and are capable of achieving.

We could find thousands of other examples, where the mind just runs out of control, when it’s not guided by its master (which is you). The problem, if you don’t catch negative and destructive thoughts right at the beginning, they can completely mess up your life and create many undesirable results.

You could start messing up your life with one small, seemingly unimportant thought…

It may all start with one tiny thought. Then you add more negative thoughts. You make the story look bigger and more important than it really is. Your mind keeps spinning and you add even more negative thoughts…

This maybe goes on for years and you become an expert in negative thinking and messing up your life. Whatever happens in your life, you immediately see the negative, dark and gloomy side. And of course, your mind helps you to manifest whatever you focus on.

But it is you and only you who created the life you are living today. However, you can change the course of your destiny at any moment. Simply start dismissing your negative thoughts and start focusing on the kind of thoughts and feelings that correspond with the life you want to live.

It’s really easy, simply become aware of your thoughts – just a little bit more every day – and whenever you catch yourself holding on to any negative thoughts, simply dismiss them, let go of them and put your mind on something else.

Make it a challenge, a game to find something positive, in anything that happens to you and use it as a catalyst for your own personal growth and for the realization of more love, happiness and abundance in your life.

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  1. Margaretha Montagu  October 25, 2015

    Thank you, Robert, this is indeed a valuable post. As Erin Gruwell said in The Freedom Writers Diary: “It would be easy to become a victim of our circumstances and continue feeling sad, scared or angry; or instead, we could choose to deal with injustice humanely and break the chains of negative thoughts and energies, and not let ourselves sink into it.”