How To Create Lasting Change In Any Area Of Your Life

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How To Create Lasting Change In Any Area Of Your Life
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“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” ― Albert Einstein

There is something that’s bothering you in your life and you are determined to make a change. Maybe you want to stop smoking, lose a bit of weight, change your career, finally attract the right person into your life, be more successful, improve your financial situation… it could be anything.

The idea of making this change gets you excited and motivated. You imagine how different and wonderful your life will be. You almost feel as if your goal has already been accomplished and getting there doesn’t even seem to be so difficult.

Then you get started. You are full of energy, hope and motivation. You take action, you are disciplined, you do what needs to be done… and everything seems to be going great.

You go on like this for a few more days, but it seems like the desired result is not showing up. You expected things to move a bit faster. You thought to have at least a little bit of success here and there.

Now, doubt and maybe even fear comes in. What if  this doesn’t work? At the beginning, everything was fun and easy, but now, everything seems to be so complicated and you start losing your motivation, belief and passion.

It seems like you are back at square one. You tried really hard, you made a sincere effort, you changed, you did things differently, you were so positive… but it seems like, no matter what you do, your “old life”, the same old situations and circumstances keep coming back again and again.

But, why? How is this possible?

The situations and circumstances you are experiencing in your life right now are not the result of your recent change, but the result of your past.

Everything in life is energy and the circumstances in your life are a direct reflection of your own inner energy, which is the total sum of all your thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Many of your core beliefs were formed during your childhood and you may not even be aware of most of those beliefs. Those beliefs lead to thoughts, which lead to corresponding feelings and actions.

And, all of those beliefs, thoughts and feelings define your inner state of being, your energetic level, which is somewhere between love and fear. You probably thought certain thoughts and felt certain feelings thousands of times over many years and in the process you became strongly identified with this corresponding energy pattern.

Let go of all your borrowed thoughts and beliefs and the real YOU will appear

However, the way you feel, act and react to different situations is not the real you. A big part of it is the result of numerous “borrowed” thoughts. The real you is pure love, joy and happiness and appears when you peel away all those core beliefs that don’t belong to you.

Of course, thoughts and feelings that have been accumulated over many years have a strong grip on you and they may keep you stuck in a certain energetic environment which you experience through the various circumstances in your life.

Changing the quality of your thoughts, feelings and actions for a week, 2 weeks, even 4 weeks is not enough to clean out the old energy and to transform the circumstances in your life.

Unfortunately, most people give up too soon. They make a great start, but if they don’t see any results after only a few days or weeks, they get discouraged and fall back into their old habits.

As soon as you change within, your outer life starts changing as well…

But, at the beginning, those changes are so subtle that you won’t see any visible changes in your daily life.

It is like planting a seed into the soil. The seed starts growing immediately, but it will take some time until it becomes visible on the surface.

If you want to change certain things in your life, simply change your thoughts, feelings and actions and align them with your goal. Trust and know, that the very moment you change, your life starts changing as well.

Now, just keep going. Don’t look for results. Don’t keep checking and verifying if things are changing. Decide to change, because you want to create a bigger you, a different you… and the results will follow naturally.

Don’t be so much concerned with a specific end result. Just be the change, move into the change, play with it and have fun adding new thoughts into your personal universe and letting go of old ones that no longer serve you.

Make it an adventure taking new and different actions and looking at certain things in life in a different way. Enjoy the process and enjoy your own personal growth.

Now, your inner state of being, your energy is changing and once the tipping point has been reached, your entire “outer” life will change as well. This can happen almost like an explosion. Suddenly, all sorts of new things will start coming into your life.

BUT, you need to let it happen. Don’t block the process with your doubts, fears and worries. Doubts and fears take away your drive, passion and motivation and you will slip back into your old state of being and things will be as usual.

What are you be afraid of? Not reaching your goal, not getting what you want?

Don’t be concerned with where you are currently standing at in respect to your goal, be only concerned with your change, with your personal adventure.  You know that once you change within, your “outside” will change as well and new and exciting things will come into your life that correspond with your change.

So, you are just having fun playing the changing game. You change a bit today, a bit more tomorrow… and if it doesn’t work so well on one day, it will be better on another day.

Keep your focus on your new energy, on the new you and keep moving forward. Just like a baby learning to walk, you take a few steps, you fall, you get up and keep on walking, you laugh, you fall again…

And while learning to “walk”, no negativity enters your mind. You don’t worry and doubt if you will ever learn to walk, you don’t think you are a loser, you don’t think you are less intelligent than others…

No, you just keep playing and enjoying the process.

Once again, don’t judge your current circumstances. They are not a reflection of the change and work you accomplished over the last few weeks and maybe even months. They are still a reflection of your old energy, of the old you.

The material, physical world doesn’t change with the speed of thought, it needs some time. Just like the little seed you plant into the soil needs some time to become a fully grown plant.

Be the change, keep planting your new thoughts and actions and avoid any interference with negative thoughts that no longer serve you – everything else happens naturally.

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  1. Sebastian  November 8, 2013

    “Don’t be concerned with your goal, be only concerned with your change, with your personal adventure.”

    This helps a lot. I’ve been able to change everything about my life except one area. Won’t tell you which one it is =P

    Thank you!