How To Achieve Lasting Happiness And Fulfillment

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How To Achieve Lasting Happiness And Fulfillment
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Our society has a very narrow minded idea of what it means to live a happy, fulfilled and successful life. For most people it means making as much money as possible, buying a big villa,  maybe a nice yacht to impress friends and family…

But, what’s the point?

How could this possibly change your life?

Do you know what you really want?

It is very simple. And actually, we all want the same. We just want to feel extraordinary good.

Yes, it’s all about feeling really great and fantastic. And everything you do in live, you do because you think it will make you feel better or at least it will prevent you from feeling worse than you are feeling right now.

Unfortunately, the actions most people are taking and the dreams they are chasing never allow them to find the happiness and fulfillment they are longing for.

How should 10 millions on your bank account make you happy and fulfilled when you are empty inside? How should a bigger house make you happy and fulfilled when you are empty inside?

Happiness and fulfillment (the only thing we REALLY want) is something that happens within. Something within yourself needs to be “filled up”. This doesn’t have anything to do with what’s going on, on the “outside”.

If all your focus is on some kind of illusion outside yourself – for example, on growing your bank account – no energy will be left for what is within you. When there is no energy left, nothing can be “filled up” within and you won’t be able to enjoy the experience of FULL-FILL-MENT and simply feeling great.

But, what does it mean to put your focus within, what should you do?

It means to listen to the tiny voice within yourself and to follow your heart. To discover your true passion and to do what you love most and what truly fills you with joy. It means to find the REAL YOU and to fully express it.

If you follow this path, you will never have to work again, because everything you do will be play and fun. Most of the time you will feel absolutely great and excited. You will feels so good that money, status and other symbols just no longer matter.

And if you feel absolutely amazing and fantastic, what else could you possibly want?

I’m sure, you already had those experiences where you filled absolutely amazing – even if it was only for a short moment. During those moments you don’t think, I want this and that… you just enjoy feeling exhilarated and you feel like absolutely nothing is missing.

You only think like, I want this and that… when there is a feeling of lack within you. But, this feeling of lack or emptiness can only be filled by expressing the REAL YOU and by living your passion.

Trying to fill the emptiness on the outside by buying bigger houses and cars, chasing fame and status… doesn’t work. It is like trying to fill an empty bucket by pouring all the water next to the bucket.

Of course, it’s not a problem if you make a lot of money while doing what you love most

If you do what you love most, something else will happen. You get better and better in what you are doing, more and more people will get interested in what you are doing, you will start earning some money with what you are doing, you may even start making a lot of money, you may even become famous…

BUT, your entire focus is on living your passion and expressing yourself. If you make a lot of money with what you are doing, that’s great, but it doesn’t really matter. You are not attached to it. All that counts is doing what you love and enjoying the fun, happiness and fulfillment that comes with it.

Now, you are coming from the inside out and this makes all the difference!

There is only one way to achieve lasting happiness and fulfillment and it is by doing what you love most, by following your passion and by expressing the real you.

And on top of that, you will most likely make more money than you will ever need while doing what you love most. Not necessarily right from the beginning, but surely in the long run.

On the other hand, if you sacrifice years of your life doing things that don’t correspond with your true passion, just because you think this will make you rich and once you are rich you can do whatever you want… you are on a dead end road.

Doing something you don’t like over a long period of time is very tough. It costs a lot of energy, it creates frustration and anger, the quality of your work will suffer and most likely you will fail.

And even if you succeed to make a lot of money, it won’t make you feel any better. There will still be this emptiness inside that needs to be filled. And no amount of money or fame could ever accomplish that.

Happiness and fulfillment is something that happens within you and it doesn’t have anything to do with what’s going on on the outside.

What do you think? What’s your own experience?

Do you think happiness and fulfillment can be achieved focusing only on “outer achievements”, doing something you are not passionate about and completely neglecting the “real you”?

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  1. Sebastian  October 26, 2013

    A good question to ask is… Describe your perfect day.

    I don’t care about money at all. What do I want? Play guitar, sing, do motocross, boxing and bodybuilding every day. I want to build those skills every day. If I can do that and eat well and spend time with family, I will be the happiest man alive.

    Either way, imagine how good I can get at the above if I dedicate 15 years to doing those.

  2. Robert Spadinger  October 28, 2013

    “Either way, imagine how good I can get at the above if I dedicate 15 years to doing those.” – Sebastian, imagine also how good you will feel EVERY DAY if you follow your passion and do what you love most – that’s really what’s most important.

    And of course, you will also become extraordinary good in what you are doing, people will start asking for your help, you will share your knowledge, love and experience… and you will make a nice living without ever having to work and at the same time you will make lots of people very happy.

    I’m convinced, that’s what’s becoming the new “economic model” – you are on your way, Sebastian. The old model of profit above all and mass consumption of things we don’t really need is coming to an end.

    • Sebastian  November 23, 2013

      Do you really think that will become the new economic model?

      I mean, I hope so. I just think a lot of people are too scared and narrow minded.

      Ps: Dude, I read your message on my YouTube channel. Thank you so much man. That meant so much. Seriously. I can’t tank you enough.

      • Robert Spadinger  November 23, 2013

        You are very welcome Sebastian, I really like your stuff. Keep up that great work and enjoy your life 😉

  3. shashi  January 25, 2014

    Such a beautiful article . Thanks for sharing .