The Love That Will Shine Through Once Your Limiting Ego Starts Fading

Your ego is just an artificial construct you got identified with, a self created limitation wrapped around your true self. Your ego is the total sum of all those ideas, concepts and beliefs you bought into throughout your life and accepted to be true.

But, what are those ideas, concepts and beliefs? How real are they? Right, they are only mental constructs and they can be changed, replaced and transformed.

Of course, there is no problem with having ideas and concepts about reality and about your life, but the big question is, do those ideas and concepts serve you? Do they make you feel good or bad? Do they make you act and live your life in a way that serves or harms you and others?

In other words, are those ideas and concepts limiting or are they freeing?

There is no need to “fight” your ego. If you fight your ego, it only becomes bigger. By fighting your ego, you are only re-affirming again and again: there is something about me that is BAD, there is something I need to destroy, there is something I need to get rid of… – I am not right the way I am!

That is just another concept and model, just another layer of ego – of limiting identification that makes you feel bad and that does not really help you or anyone else.

Limiting ideas and concepts (layers of ego that don’t serve you) dissolve on their own when you lean back, when you relax, when you let go, when you stop the spinning mind… You can’t solve a problem (a limiting ego identification) from the same state from which it was created. From that same state, you will only create more of the same.

You use tools, like meditation, taking a long walk on the beach, playing with your cat… to change your vibration and to move into a different state of being. From that new state, from that new perspective, you get a different view on things and suddenly you will realize: this and that does not make any sense…

It just dawns on you, it becomes crystal clear and there is absolutely no mental effort required to get there. Lifting your vibration gives you a larger perspective and this allows you to see things you could not see before.

What you may call the “real or true You” is already there, but it is covered with layers of false identifications – layers of limiting ego. So, you don’t need to create the real you, you only need to shift into a higher, more loving vibrational state. And, you do this one little baby step after another.

And, with each little baby step, you gain a bit more clarity, you see the nonsense and invalidity of certain ideas, concepts and beliefs you may have taken as facts and ultimate truths.

And, when that realization happens, those limiting beliefs simply dissolve, because they no longer make any sense. At the same time, the void that is left behind is filled with an energy, a knowingness, a new model… that serves you and others. It is filled with something that is freeing instead of limiting, with something that makes you and others feel good – you could call that something love.

In the process of dissolving limiting and fear-based concepts, ideas and beliefs you are becoming more love, you are growing and evolving.

It is a bit like the sky that is filled with dark, scary clouds. Everything seems to be doom and gloom. Yet, at the same time, the potential for radiant sunshine and a beautiful blue sky is there as well and that is what you will experience once all those dark clouds dissolve and disappear.

So, what will be left once you dissolve all those limiting beliefs, ideas and concepts, once you transform the little ego-stricken you into the much bigger and freer You? Will there only be darkness and emptiness?

No, when all the dark clouds will have disappeared, only sunshine and blue sky will be left, there will only be love, passion, joy, happiness…

Wherever you shine that light, the darkness will just disappear, because it is not real and it cannot co-exist in the same space with light.

But, don’t forget, this is a process – the process of your growth and evolution from fear to love and it happens in little baby-steps. And, even once all the fear has gone and there is only love left, there will still be challenges, because you need those challenges on your eternal evolutionary path, on your eternal path to become even more and deeper love.

However, at that stage, overcoming those challenges won’t feel scary any longer, it won’t be arduous, complicated and hard work any longer… those experiences are only possible as long as there is fear.

At that stage, overcoming your challenges will be interesting and exciting and you will be doing it with all your love and passion.

Photo Credit: Mariano Cuajao

Letting Go Of Fear And Becoming Love

Question from a reader: How can we manifest our dreams and desires? To what extent can this be controlled by our thoughts?

You have full control over how you respond to the situations and events in your life. You can respond to any given situation either with love (understanding, appreciation, acceptance, focusing on the positive, allowing what is…) or with fear (annoyance, anger, hatred, jealousy, desire for revenge…)

How you respond to the various events in your life not only determines your own personal growth and evolution (the goal is to become more love and to let go of fear) but also the circumstances you keep on drawing into your life. If you are stuck in fear (and this includes all fear-based states of being), then you will keep on creating and experiencing unpleasant circumstances in your life.

The outer world (the circumstances you experience) are merely a mirror of your inner state of beingness. If you are constantly in a state of anger, worry, hatred… you will draw events into your life that correspond with that energy. On the other hand, if you are most of the time in a state of joy, gratitude, allowing, love… then you will draw events into your life that reflect that energy.

But, of course, it is not all black and white. Sometimes you will attract challenging situations not necessarily because you are locked into a state of fear, but because You (the bigger part of you, your higher self…) chooses those situations to learn, to evolve and to grow.

You plan some of those challenging situations already before you come here into this physical reality experience. Those experiences become part of your soul agenda. And, you will encounter those events in your life not because you deserve punishment or because you did something “wrong”,  BUT because You (the bigger You) have voluntarily chosen to encounter those events in order to grow, to get something positive out of it, to see through the illusion, to realize who you really are and to respond with love (to remain in a love-based state) even under the most challenging circumstances.

So, yes, you can control the events you draw into your life – at least to a certain degree – with your thoughts and emotions. Actually, more correct would be to say that you can influence them with your true, honest and authentic state of being, because thoughts can always be “faked” and if your thoughts do not correspond with your authentic state of being, they won’t give you any “advantage”.

The driving engine of your creations is your true and authentic state of being and not the empty shell of your thoughts. However, your thoughts and affirmations can be used as a tool in order to facilitate the process of moving into a desired state of being.

But, I think, trying to control all the events in your life in order to avoid the “nasty” ones is not the best solution. It is an ego-based, a fear-based approach. If you would find that magic formula that allows you to completely control all the events in your life, then this would quickly turn into:

I want a lot of money, I want this car and that villa, I want to be appreciated, loved and respected by everyone, I want to be the best in this and that, and of course, I don’t want to experience anything even slightly upsetting … you would just inflate your ego and worst of all, you would stop growing.

You would lose your true Self and ultimately you would become depressed and frustrated, because the love and joy you are longing for can only flow from the core of your true Self and once you lose that connection, you also lose the constant and natural flow of love and joy into your life.

The solution is actually much simpler and it is also much more fulfilling. Simply focus on letting go of your fears – all fear based states of being, also the very subtle and almost unrecognizable ones – and become more love.

Believe me, there is no better way to live your life. Whatever happens, know that it will help you to grow; know, that the event didn’t just happen without any reason; know, that there is a fantastic opportunity to see through the illusion, to let go of fear and to become more love.

Just deal with the event and do your best to respond with love. Life is not so much about having, achieving, getting… it is all about how you feel. It is about how strongly you are connected with your inner love and joy – also and especially during challenging times. And, that feeling, that state of being, that inner joy has nothing to do with how much money you have, how slim you are, how famous you are…

Simply be love and have fun becoming more and more love. That is the most ideal way to live your life and if you live your life like that, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Whenever you have to face a challenge, see in it the opportunity to grow and to become more of who you really are. And, then use your creativity and intelligence to find a perspective that allows you to respond with love and to get the most out of the situation. If you handle your challenges in such a way you will overcome and learn from them much quicker and you will avoid all unnecessary suffering.

Also, don’t worry what the future may bring. Live in the moment and enjoy your life in the here and now – simply be love and joy. And, if one day something challenging happens, then just deal with it. Take on the challenge, learn from it and grow with it. Don’t be fearful about what could happen at some point in the future.

Live your life like that and you will have everything you are really longing for: A life filled with love and joy, and absolutely nothing will be missing.

Photo Credit: Mojan Brenn

Nothing Needs To Be Done…


Nothing needs to be done.

Nothing needs to be achieved.

Let go of everything, surrender completely, be nothing… and only joy will be left.

Out of that joy, perfect expression will follow and the “doing” will happen naturally and effortlessly.

And finally you will be You, everything will fit, everything will flow, everything will be clear…

And absolutely nothing will be missing.

Photo Credit: Mariano Cuajao

Desire – Friend Or Enemy?

Your desire or passion indicates your ideal path. Follow your passion, follow your desire and you will always find yourself exactly where you are supposed to be and exactly where You – your higher self – intended to be.

Use the energy of your passion and desire to pull you forward. This will allow you to enjoy every single moment of your path and to get the most out of your experiences along that path – no matter whether those experiences appear to be positive or negative for an outside observer.

But, make sure not to get stuck. Don’t expect and demand anything specific on your path. Live your life like one big adventure. Trust in the process and know that you will always end up where you are supposed to be and that nothing really bad can happen to you anyway.

If you expect something in particular and that expectation is not fulfilled, you will suffer. You will lose your love, desire and passion for what you are doing and the natural flow will come to a halt. Instead of the joyful, natural flow you experienced as desire, excitement, passion… there will be resistance and friction, which will be experienced as pain, suffering and struggling.

Desire is great, it is like a big, powerful engine that pulls you forward effortlessly. Use your desire to make your journey the most beneficial one, use it to grow and expand and use it to make your journey the most joyful one. Desire is a very powerful energy. Use it, make it your ally and be grateful for it.

Let go of your expectations are you are in for a rough ride…

But, be careful about your expectations. Expectations are the root of all suffering. Expectations are like an invisible prison, they tie you down, they diminish your infinite creative energy, they limit your possibilities and they take away your freedom, your freedom of creative expression.

Don’t say, things have to work out in a specific way. Don’t say, only this outcome is acceptable. Don’t say, this or that needs to happen, otherwise I’m not happy…

Your happiness, your joy, your fulfillment… – and that’s really all you want – lies in the path itself and not in a specific outcome. The outcome doesn’t really matter. As long as your path is an exciting and joyful adventure of creative expression, you are fully alive and you have everything you could ever dream of.

If you live your life like that , there will be many exciting, enjoyable and unexpected outcomes. Your life will be one magnificent surprise after another. Just ride that wave of continuous, pleasant and unexpected surprises and enjoy every moment of it.

Don’t prevent any of those magnificent surprises from coming into your life by clinging to one specific expectation and by labeling everything else that doesn’t correspond with that expectation as undesirable.

Be free, be You, go with the flow, don’t worry, don’t expect, just let it happen… Trust in the process and allow it to unfold naturally. Trust in your higher intelligence that lies beyond common linear logic and reasoning and know that you will have an absolutely amazing life.

9 Energy Vibrations To Completely Transform your Life

All you really want in life is to experience your true nature – the love, passion, joy, greatness… you already are.

You don’t really want to achieve all those goals lingering in your mind, you don’t really want to get anywhere else than where you are right now, you don’t really want to do more, be more, have more… The only reason why you desire all those things is because you think they will provide you with the experience and feeling of love, passion, joy, peace, security…

What you desire so much, is already yours. But, the tragedy is, by chasing all those illusions OUTSIDE of you, you are actually moving away from what you REALLY want. Instead of closing the gap, you are actually making it bigger.

All the “things” you really want, are not only already right in front of you, they are within you, they are YOU!  So, stop running around in circles, become aware of your true nature and you will realize and experience the wonders that are already lying within you.

The key to letting go of the illusory veil and to see clearly is to move into specific energy vibrations that correspond with who you really are.

Those 9 energy vibrations are listed below and I suggest you “play” with them for at least a few minutes every day or as long as you want. While doing so, remain playful and practice those energy exercises with love, passion and excitement.

Have fun and feel as good as possible while playing with those 9 energy vibrations. Don’t approach it as an everyday “must-do” exercise, don’t push and force, don’t strive for perfection… let go of your mind and simply enjoy your Self while moving into those energy vibrations.

How To Use Those 9 Energy Vibrations:

Each vibration reflects your true nature and represents a very specific energy or state of being. The goal is to move into each of those vibrations, to become aware and to consciously experience those energy states. That way you will become more and more aligned with your true nature and you will resonate more and more with who you really are.

You can quickly move into any of those 9 energy vibrations, simply by repeating the corresponding affirmations (listed below) either out loud or silently. Do it from your heart and not from your mind. That way, you will immediately feel and “move into” the corresponding vibration and state of being, which is already part of your true nature.

The next step is to amplify the vibration and to stay in it as long as possible. You do this, by keeping all your focus on the energy vibration, while you remain joyful and relaxed.

Here are a few ideas on how you can intensify those energy vibrations:

  • Use visualization to amplify a specific energy vibration. For example: “I’m open and wide” – simply imagine how you are growing like a balloon, how you are becoming “wider and wider” until you are one with all existence, enjoy the feeling of absolute freedom, fully open your mind… Be creative and visualize, feel, hear… whatever helps you most.
  • Meditate about those vibrations and move deeply into them.
  • Communicate with your higher self and write down whatever comes to your mind. Have fun discovering all those little facets about the various energy vibrations.
  • If you want, add your own ideas to the statements listed below. You can even change and transform them if you prefer to – just make sure the underlying energy vibration remains the same.
  • Wrap an entire “story” around those energy vibrations, make an exciting mind movie and use any tool that may help you to amplify and to stay longer in the desired energy vibration.
  • Do as many short (30 – 60 seconds) energy vibration exercises throughout the day as possible. This allows you, to quickly move back into the corresponding state of being and to stay there for most of the day.

You could play every day with a different energy vibration, or you could focus on a specific vibration for an entire week before moving on to the next. You could also use all 9 vibrations every single day.

Listen to your own intuition and use those 9 vibrations in whatever way resonates most with you and provides you with the most joy.

Start each day (immediately after waking up) with any of those 9 energy vibrations and do the same before falling asleep.

The 9 Energy Vibrations:

  • I’m Open And Wide
  • I’m Crystal Clear
  • I’m Flowing – Smooth And Gentle As Water
  • I’m Connected And Aligned – With Who I Really Am
  • I’m Immersed In This One, Everlasting, Eternal Moment
  • Everything I Do Is Filled With Love, Passion And Excitement
  • I Fully Trust In The Process – Everything Unfolds The Way It Is Supposed To
  • I Deeply Enjoy Expressing My True, Unique Nature – I Let Go Of All Thoughts And Beliefs That Don’t Really Belong To Me
  • I AM – I Unconditionally Love Myself

This is who you really are, this is your true nature – you simply need to allow it. Immerse yourself into these energy vibrations and start expressing more and more of the REAL You.

By becoming the real YOU, your life will start unfolding in a new and magnificent way – a way you probably never experienced before.

For the first time in your life you will BE truly full-filled – with everything you ever dreamed of and much more. You will feel fully awake, aware and alive.

Everything in your life will suddenly start falling in place – exactly the way it was meant to be. All your worries, doubts and fears will simply fade away. And, you will no longer feel the need to chase all sorts illusions outside of you, because you will realize and understand that NOTHING outside of you can give you the joy and fulfilment you are longing for.

All of this is simply a result of being the REAL YOU!

So, go and play with those 9 energy vibrations. Use them every day, have fun and enjoy those magnificent states of being.

Once you are comfortably with those energy vibrations, go and teach others to do the same. Tell your friends, your family members and everyone who is open for it. But, don’t enforce it on anyone.

Tell and teach others in a way that is aligned with those 9 energy vibrations: Be open, be clear, be passionate, be smooth and gentle…

And, of course, integrate those vibrations into your own life and align all your thoughts and actions – your entire being – with those energies.

How To Create Lasting Change In Any Area Of Your Life

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” ― Albert Einstein

There is something that’s bothering you in your life and you are determined to make a change. Maybe you want to stop smoking, lose a bit of weight, change your career, finally attract the right person into your life, be more successful, improve your financial situation… it could be anything.

The idea of making this change gets you excited and motivated. You imagine how different and wonderful your life will be. You almost feel as if your goal has already been accomplished and getting there doesn’t even seem to be so difficult.

Then you get started. You are full of energy, hope and motivation. You take action, you are disciplined, you do what needs to be done… and everything seems to be going great.

You go on like this for a few more days, but it seems like the desired result is not showing up. You expected things to move a bit faster. You thought to have at least a little bit of success here and there.

Now, doubt and maybe even fear comes in. What if  this doesn’t work? At the beginning, everything was fun and easy, but now, everything seems to be so complicated and you start losing your motivation, belief and passion.

It seems like you are back at square one. You tried really hard, you made a sincere effort, you changed, you did things differently, you were so positive… but it seems like, no matter what you do, your “old life”, the same old situations and circumstances keep coming back again and again.

But, why? How is this possible?

The situations and circumstances you are experiencing in your life right now are not the result of your recent change, but the result of your past.

Everything in life is energy and the circumstances in your life are a direct reflection of your own inner energy, which is the total sum of all your thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Many of your core beliefs were formed during your childhood and you may not even be aware of most of those beliefs. Those beliefs lead to thoughts, which lead to corresponding feelings and actions.

And, all of those beliefs, thoughts and feelings define your inner state of being, your energetic level, which is somewhere between love and fear. You probably thought certain thoughts and felt certain feelings thousands of times over many years and in the process you became strongly identified with this corresponding energy pattern.

Let go of all your borrowed thoughts and beliefs and the real YOU will appear

However, the way you feel, act and react to different situations is not the real you. A big part of it is the result of numerous “borrowed” thoughts. The real you is pure love, joy and happiness and appears when you peel away all those core beliefs that don’t belong to you.

Of course, thoughts and feelings that have been accumulated over many years have a strong grip on you and they may keep you stuck in a certain energetic environment which you experience through the various circumstances in your life.

Changing the quality of your thoughts, feelings and actions for a week, 2 weeks, even 4 weeks is not enough to clean out the old energy and to transform the circumstances in your life.

Unfortunately, most people give up too soon. They make a great start, but if they don’t see any results after only a few days or weeks, they get discouraged and fall back into their old habits.

As soon as you change within, your outer life starts changing as well…

But, at the beginning, those changes are so subtle that you won’t see any visible changes in your daily life.

It is like planting a seed into the soil. The seed starts growing immediately, but it will take some time until it becomes visible on the surface.

If you want to change certain things in your life, simply change your thoughts, feelings and actions and align them with your goal. Trust and know, that the very moment you change, your life starts changing as well.

Now, just keep going. Don’t look for results. Don’t keep checking and verifying if things are changing. Decide to change, because you want to create a bigger you, a different you… and the results will follow naturally.

Don’t be so much concerned with a specific end result. Just be the change, move into the change, play with it and have fun adding new thoughts into your personal universe and letting go of old ones that no longer serve you.

Make it an adventure taking new and different actions and looking at certain things in life in a different way. Enjoy the process and enjoy your own personal growth.

Now, your inner state of being, your energy is changing and once the tipping point has been reached, your entire “outer” life will change as well. This can happen almost like an explosion. Suddenly, all sorts of new things will start coming into your life.

BUT, you need to let it happen. Don’t block the process with your doubts, fears and worries. Doubts and fears take away your drive, passion and motivation and you will slip back into your old state of being and things will be as usual.

What are you be afraid of? Not reaching your goal, not getting what you want?

Don’t be concerned with where you are currently standing at in respect to your goal, be only concerned with your change, with your personal adventure.  You know that once you change within, your “outside” will change as well and new and exciting things will come into your life that correspond with your change.

So, you are just having fun playing the changing game. You change a bit today, a bit more tomorrow… and if it doesn’t work so well on one day, it will be better on another day.

Keep your focus on your new energy, on the new you and keep moving forward. Just like a baby learning to walk, you take a few steps, you fall, you get up and keep on walking, you laugh, you fall again…

And while learning to “walk”, no negativity enters your mind. You don’t worry and doubt if you will ever learn to walk, you don’t think you are a loser, you don’t think you are less intelligent than others…

No, you just keep playing and enjoying the process.

Once again, don’t judge your current circumstances. They are not a reflection of the change and work you accomplished over the last few weeks and maybe even months. They are still a reflection of your old energy, of the old you.

The material, physical world doesn’t change with the speed of thought, it needs some time. Just like the little seed you plant into the soil needs some time to become a fully grown plant.

Be the change, keep planting your new thoughts and actions and avoid any interference with negative thoughts that no longer serve you – everything else happens naturally.

5 Simple Ways To Add More Fun, Passion and Excitement To Your Life

Unfortunately, for many people live has turned into a boring routine with seemingly no possibility to escape this “every day the same melancholy”.

They get up early, go to work, do something all day long they aren’t really interested in, they come home late, have dinner and watch a bit TV before going to bed.

And the next day it starts all over. The weekend passes in no time and is mostly spent in a state of “I don’t really know what to do with my time…” And, this goes on for weeks, months and even years.

But, that’s not the way you were supposed to live your life. You were meant to live a life that’s filled with joy, passion, fun, excitement and laughter.

If your life starts becoming stale and boring, it’s time to do something about it. But, don’t worry, it’s not as complicated or difficult as you may think.

As you will see in a moment, it’s actually relatively easy – even if you don’t have much time, even if you don’t have much money and even if you are tired and exhausted after work and on your weekends.

In this short article, I will show you some great and easy ways to bring back the passion, fire and excitement into your life. We start slowly and you will see, already after a short while you will start feeling better and better.

By bringing the fun and passion back into your life, you will have more energy, you will start attracting different people into your life, this may lead to a better and more interesting job, this could help you to find your dream partner, this will improve your relationship with friends and family, this could lead to an exciting business idea… and to many other great things.

Everything in life is energy and whatever you experience in your material, physical world is a direct reflection of your inner state of being, your inner energy and the way you feel most of the time.

Joy and passion are one of the highest energies and if you “train” yourself to spend more and more time in the vibration of joy and passion, your life and your outer circumstances will completely change as well.

What’s happening on the “outside” always depends on what’s going on within.

And as I already mentioned, this could be a better job, an amazing business opportunity, great new friends, the partner of your dreams… and thousands of other things.

But, how do you add more joy and passion to your life?

Here are 5 great ways to add more fun, joy, passion and excitement to your life: 

#1: Learn something new

What are you interested in most, what would you like to do, what would you like to learn…? There must be something. I know, if you are tired, if you are really down… you may feel like: “I just don’t want to do anything”

But, once you start something new, the interest, the fun, the excitement slowly but surely starts coming back.

The trick here is to get started with something you are at least somewhat interested. Take a playful attitude. Have fun, enjoy it without expecting any specific outcome.

This is all about having fun and re-connecting with your passion. It’s not about being good at what you are doing or trying to impress anyone. Be like a child and enjoy what you are doing.

If you have been in a slump for quite some time, don’t expect to feel passion and excitement immediately. Start slowly and don’t put any pressure on yourself. Don’t pay any attention to what others may think about your new activity.

So, what could you learn or do?

There are thousands of possibilities. You could learn a foreign language, a musical instrument, you could decide to become an expert on any subject that interests you: gardening, history, computer programming, yoga, Chinese medicine…

Simply do a search on Google or buy some books… you can find an almost unlimited amount of information on any subject on the internet for free.

Pick any subject you are interested in and start taking action – maybe 20-30 minutes per day. You may think, what can I achieve with only 20 minutes a day?

It’s all about creating momentum and here is what’s going to happen: You start slowly. Every day you enjoy a bit more what you are doing. You see your progress and start getting excited. You skip watching TV, because you love so much what you are doing…

You never had that much fun in your life. You already have much more energy and you try to spend as much time as possible on your newly found passion. You are getting better and better and this motivates you to do even more and to let other people know about what you are doing…

A job offer may come along that allows you to do full time what you love most or you may even decide to become your own boss. Now you are a master in what you are doing. You no longer work for money, you just follow your passion and you are absolutely fulfilled and happy.

Yes, all of this can happen within a relatively short period of time – within one or two years, which isn’t much at all.

BUT, you need to get started with something, you need to take some sort of action and you need to push through the initial phase of  “I don’t really want to do anything…”

#2: Start a blog and share your passion with others

Most of the ideas and processes I explained in #1 also apply to this point and to the ones below.

Starting a blog on your favorite subject is one of the easiest ways to re-connect with your passion and to add more joy and fun to your life.

I recommend you setup a WordPress blog which is very easy and only takes about 5 minutes. For your hosting, a low-cost hosting provider like Bluehost is absolutely sufficient and should not cost more than $5/month.

Just get started sharing your passion, ideas and knowledge with other people. If you only have 20-30 minutes a day, I recommend you spend one day researching an article idea and the following 2 days writing the article.

You will learn lots of new and interesting things about your favorite hobby, you can connect with like minded people, later you can also publish your own products on your blog, promote your seminars and private consultations… and sooner or later you will be able to turn your hobby into your profession.

#3: Take care of your body and health

I love everything that has to do with healthy lifestyle and nutrition.

Just imagine being blessed with a wealth of energy, vitality and health, having lots of time for your hobbies, because you only need 5-6 hours of sleep…

In the past I needed 8-9 hours of sleep, but still, I was constantly tired. I had all sorts of health problems, a chronic lack of energy…

One day I said: STOP! And I started taking care of my body by changing my nutrition, regular physical exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

This completely changed my life. After only a few weeks, my energy levels started rising, overall I felt much better, I needed less sleep, I had more time for things I always wanted to do…

Your vitality and well-being affects every area of your life and I highly recommend you spend some time on the subject – make it your passion.

It is not complicated at all and you can find many great books on Amazon. Look for vegetarian nutrition, raw foods, eat less sugar, meat, fat, white flour, drink enough water, do a little bit of exercise at least every second day, meditate a few minutes every day…

#4: Join a club or an association

For almost any interest you may have, you should be able to find a club or an association. It’s always easier and also more fun to do things together with likeminded people.

Check the yellow pages or do a search on Google and find out what’s going on in your area. Once you found an interesting club or association, don’t hesitate – just signup and get going.

At the beginning you may not feel like joining a group and meeting new people, you may even be scared about it. But, don’t worry, jump into the cold water and just get started.

You have absolutely nothing to lose and you can only win. Enjoy it, have fun and play – you will absolutely love a few weeks from now.

#5: Use the 5 minute action formula

I know, when you are in a slump it’s always difficult to get started and to do anything. You say, maybe tomorrow, this turns into next week and next month…

Don’t say, I try tomorrow. Do it now, right now.

Pick any kind of task: Doing some research on the internet, finding an association in your field of interest, figuring out how to set up a WordPress blog, searching for a free online guitar course…

Give yourself 5 minutes. Even if you are tired, bored, feeling like not wanting to do anything… you are always capable of taking a tiny little bit of action – for only 5 minutes.

That’s not a huge push and it doesn’t require a lot of will power. Set your alarm clock to ring in 5 minutes and get started.

Oftentimes it is very difficult just to get started, but the magic thing is, once you push through this initial barrier, you suddenly get into the flow, you start enjoying what you are doing, you are having fun… and you just keep going, because it feels great.

Now, you are excited, you feel the passion. 15 minutes pass, 30 minute, 1 hour, 2 hours… and you are still playing.

And suddenly you are no longer tired, you are no longer bored, you are simply enjoying yourself.

It is all about pushing through the initial barrier and this usually doesn’t take any longer than 5-10 minutes.

You don’t know what you should do?

Just do anything, paint a picture, write down what your dream life would look like, learn how to play a D-chord on guitar…. It doesn’t matter; This is just to get you back into the habit of taking action and having fun.


Do you have any other ideas, tips or strategies on how to add more fun, excitement and passion to a life that has grown a bit stale? Please let us know and leave a comment below.