Letting Go Of Fear And Becoming Love

Question from a reader: How can we manifest our dreams and desires? To what extent can this be controlled by our thoughts?

You have full control over how you respond to the situations and events in your life. You can respond to any given situation either with love (understanding, appreciation, acceptance, focusing on the positive, allowing what is…) or with fear (annoyance, anger, hatred, jealousy, desire for revenge…)

How you respond to the various events in your life not only determines your own personal growth and evolution (the goal is to become more love and to let go of fear) but also the circumstances you keep on drawing into your life. If you are stuck in fear (and this includes all fear-based states of being), then you will keep on creating and experiencing unpleasant circumstances in your life.

The outer world (the circumstances you experience) are merely a mirror of your inner state of beingness. If you are constantly in a state of anger, worry, hatred… you will draw events into your life that correspond with that energy. On the other hand, if you are most of the time in a state of joy, gratitude, allowing, love… then you will draw events into your life that reflect that energy.

But, of course, it is not all black and white. Sometimes you will attract challenging situations not necessarily because you are locked into a state of fear, but because You (the bigger part of you, your higher self…) chooses those situations to learn, to evolve and to grow.

You plan some of those challenging situations already before you come here into this physical reality experience. Those experiences become part of your soul agenda. And, you will encounter those events in your life not because you deserve punishment or because you did something “wrong”,  BUT because You (the bigger You) have voluntarily chosen to encounter those events in order to grow, to get something positive out of it, to see through the illusion, to realize who you really are and to respond with love (to remain in a love-based state) even under the most challenging circumstances.

So, yes, you can control the events you draw into your life – at least to a certain degree – with your thoughts and emotions. Actually, more correct would be to say that you can influence them with your true, honest and authentic state of being, because thoughts can always be “faked” and if your thoughts do not correspond with your authentic state of being, they won’t give you any “advantage”.

The driving engine of your creations is your true and authentic state of being and not the empty shell of your thoughts. However, your thoughts and affirmations can be used as a tool in order to facilitate the process of moving into a desired state of being.

But, I think, trying to control all the events in your life in order to avoid the “nasty” ones is not the best solution. It is an ego-based, a fear-based approach. If you would find that magic formula that allows you to completely control all the events in your life, then this would quickly turn into:

I want a lot of money, I want this car and that villa, I want to be appreciated, loved and respected by everyone, I want to be the best in this and that, and of course, I don’t want to experience anything even slightly upsetting … you would just inflate your ego and worst of all, you would stop growing.

You would lose your true Self and ultimately you would become depressed and frustrated, because the love and joy you are longing for can only flow from the core of your true Self and once you lose that connection, you also lose the constant and natural flow of love and joy into your life.

The solution is actually much simpler and it is also much more fulfilling. Simply focus on letting go of your fears – all fear based states of being, also the very subtle and almost unrecognizable ones – and become more love.

Believe me, there is no better way to live your life. Whatever happens, know that it will help you to grow; know, that the event didn’t just happen without any reason; know, that there is a fantastic opportunity to see through the illusion, to let go of fear and to become more love.

Just deal with the event and do your best to respond with love. Life is not so much about having, achieving, getting… it is all about how you feel. It is about how strongly you are connected with your inner love and joy – also and especially during challenging times. And, that feeling, that state of being, that inner joy has nothing to do with how much money you have, how slim you are, how famous you are…

Simply be love and have fun becoming more and more love. That is the most ideal way to live your life and if you live your life like that, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Whenever you have to face a challenge, see in it the opportunity to grow and to become more of who you really are. And, then use your creativity and intelligence to find a perspective that allows you to respond with love and to get the most out of the situation. If you handle your challenges in such a way you will overcome and learn from them much quicker and you will avoid all unnecessary suffering.

Also, don’t worry what the future may bring. Live in the moment and enjoy your life in the here and now – simply be love and joy. And, if one day something challenging happens, then just deal with it. Take on the challenge, learn from it and grow with it. Don’t be fearful about what could happen at some point in the future.

Live your life like that and you will have everything you are really longing for: A life filled with love and joy, and absolutely nothing will be missing.

Photo Credit: Mojan Brenn

Simply Feeling Good – It’s Really Not That Difficult

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could just simply feel great – all the time or at least most of the time? But, is this really possible?

Yes, of course it is possible. But, if you are not there yet, it will require a certain shift of your mindset. Feeling good is just a specific state of being and I’m sure you already experienced that state – at least glimpses of it. But, why don’t you constantly stay in a state that allows you to feel good? Why do you usually “fall out” of that state rather quickly?

It is because most people  are constantly pulled towards fear. The fear to lose something, the fear to miss out on something, the fear about what may happen tomorrow or next week, the fear about what others may think or say, the fear about not being loved and accepted…

Those fears come from limiting beliefs, from attachment to certain outcomes, from the false need that things need to be a certain way, from resisting against what is…

When you are in fear you are swimming upstream, you are working against the flow. You say: What if this or that happens, what if I won’t get this or that, what if I can’t get rid of this or that…

Those are all expressions of fear and of course, those fears keep you locked in a state that doesn’t correspond with feeling good. You may be running after an illusion that doesn’t even matter and that way you may be missing out on what you are longing for most – being happy and joyful, just feeling good.

You need to learn to get rid of and to let go of all those limitations and bondages. You are an eternal being and nothing really bad can happen to you . You can only grow and evolve and that is always a good thing. Let go of those limiting ideas of how life needs to be so that you can “allow” yourself to feel good.

It is not about your looks, it is not about how much money you have, it is not about what others think about you, it is not even about your health…

It is all about growing and evolving. It is all about becoming love and harmony – that’s really all that counts. And the more love you become, the more you will radiate and the better you will feel, no matter what your circumstances may look like. Feeling absolutely great is just a natural consequence of becoming love. Those two go hand in hand and they can’t be separated.

So, let go of those ideas that things need to be a certain way in order for you to be able to feel good. Just let it go. Nothing needs to be or has to be a certain way. Just be and don’t allow your intellect to interfere with your happiness, don’t let your mind tell you that this and that is not right and therefore you can’t be happy.

Right now, this moment, things are the way they are – accept it and just be. Feel your beingness, dive into it, let go of the fearful mind chatter and just enjoy your beingness, the very core of your Self.

If you allow yourself to simply BE without judging and lamenting about what is, the happiness will bubble up from within. Just allow it to do so and enjoy it – no matter what. That way you will automatically move into a different state, into a state of joy and happiness.

Remain in that state, don’t judge it and don’t try to analyze it. Now, everything else in your life will start changing as well. Things will change in a way so that they match your new state of beingness. It happens automatically. You simply can’t be in a state of joy for an extended period of time and keep on experiencing a reality that is not aligned with that state.

If you ARE joy, everything else in your life – the events and circumstances you are experiencing – will change in order to reflect that joy.

From now on, decide to let go of all those limiting thoughts and ideas that keep you from feeling good. Just be, be the core of who you really are, surrender to your true self. Stop all the pushing and forcing, stop all the doubting, worrying and judging…

Simply BE! Express who you really are, let go of the fear, take joyful action and enjoy the process of being and becoming.

That’s the way to “Simply Feeling Good”. And, you don’t need anything you would not already have in order to get there. You only need to be and to express what feels good to you – in other words, you only need to be your true, natural self.

Photo Credit: Irina Patrascu

If You Keep On Searching For Happiness You Surely Will Never Find It

Don’t make your happiness conditional. Don’t say, “this or that” needs to be happen, otherwise I can’t be happy. Instead, you need to be happy first and then, after some time, your circumstances will start to reflect this new state of being and “this and that” will happen on it’s own and provide you with further reason to be happy.

But, circumstances can’t change UNTIL you (your state of being) changes. It is like you looking into the mirror and being unhappy about the sad face that is looking back at you. You can do whatever you want, but that face in the mirror won’t start smiling until you smile FIRST!

And life, this physical reality works exactly the same way. If you are happy for no specific reason, your outside reality starts reflecting that happiness back to you through corresponding events, like the flow of money into your life, meeting your dream partner, being successful…

BUT, at this stage you are already happy without all of those exterior conditions. You don’t really need them to be happy, but those new events and circumstances will allow you to even further reinforce your happiness.

That way, you create a positive self-inforcing dynamic, the same way as you can create a negative self-inforcing dynamic by remaining stuck at the opposite part of the emotional spectrum, which is sadness, frustration, anger…

Also, don’t put so much pressure onto yourself about finding happiness. Each time you are saying “I want to be happy, I want to be happy…” you are basically saying “I’m not happy, I’m noty happy…” and you will draw more circumstances into your life that will only confirm your conviction that you are not happy.

Maybe try this simple experiment at least for a day:

Let go of the need to be any different than you are right now, let go of the desire to be happy, just say: “that’s it, I don’t care any longer… I am the way I am my life is the way it is and I’m ok with it…” Let go of all the pressure, take off the weight of your shoulders – LIGHTEN UP!

Just be, simply allow yourself to be the you, you are right now with all of your so-called flaws, imperfections and shortcomings. Stop pursuing and longing for anything else than what is right now. Fully allow yourself, allow and accept the moment as it is without trying to force, reject or change anything.

Let go of your resistance against what is and simple enjoy the feeling of lightening up. Don’t allow your mind to judge what is. Your mind will always try to convince you that this and that is not right…

Just enjoy this new state of freedom, this easiness that comes with letting go of the need to be any different than you are.

You know, what you resist always persists. And this means, you can’t become anyone different than you are right now until you fully accept and own who you are right now. Once you fully accept the you, you are right now, you make room for change and things can get unstuck as soon as you stop fighting and resisting agaist yourself.

Also, there is no need to search for happiness or to do anything specific to find happiness. When you search for happiness, all you are doing is confirming that right now you are not happy and out of this vibration of lack you won’t be able to experience happiness.

Happiness is your most natural state of being and it simply happens when you let go of all the blocking and disturbing beliefs and thoughts that cover up your happiness and make it impossible for you to feel and experience it.

If you take everything away from you that doesn’t really belong to you, such as those limiting and unaligned beliefs, there will only be happiness left. Those limiting beliefs are like the dark clouds that cover up the sun and once they are gone, only the bright blue sky and the warming sun will be left.

Happiness is who you really are. It is an integral part of you and you can NEVER lose it. However, you can temporarily lose sight of it you get stuck in one of those illusions created by your spinning mind.

But, whenever that happens, you can simply decide to let go of those limiting and false beliefs and bring back the bright blue sky of joy and happiness.

Photo Credit: Mariano Cuajao

There Is Only 1 Thing You Really Need To Do: Feel As Good As Possible!

There are so many things to do in life, so many things to take care of, all those responsibilities and on top of that, you have to worry about this and that…

But, you know what, there is only really one thing you absolutely need to take care of and it’s to feel as good as possible. We do all sorts of things all day long, but we hardly spend 5 minutes to consciously get into the vibration of feeling good.

However, feeling good is the core of everything, it’s the most important thing you can do, it’s the missing piece of the puzzle….

But, wait a minute – just feeling good? Sure, it would be nice, but what could this possibly change, how would this help me to sort out all of my problems…?

You know, most people have it completely backwards. They say, first I need to sort out this, then I have to accomplish that and of course, along the line I will also need to take care of all of my problems

BUT, when all of that is done, I will be happy and I will feel really great.

Yes, we all know how well this usually works. By spending 90% of your time focusing on all sorts of problems, you will only create more problems. Yes, over time you may become real master in creating problems and solving them afterwards, but is this really satisfying?

Ok, why did I say, most people have it backwards? It is because they think if they only do this and that to get rid of problem A, B, C… they will find joy and happiness.

No, of course, it’s the other way round. First, you need to get into a state of joy, happiness and feeling good and all the things you don’t like so much in your life (your problems) will start disappearing, because they are no longer an energetic match to your “feeling good” vibration.

Everything in life is energy and everything you encounter “out there” – the various circumstances and events in your life – are nothing but a reflection of your inner energy, the way you feel, your state of being.

Feeling good and being joyful is an energy that will be reflected as corresponding experiences in your daily life. And, the same way, being constantly focused on your problems is an energy that will be experienced in form of different circumstances and life events.

Please don’t misunderstand me, I don’t have anything against “problems”, because they allow us to grow like nothing else. But, you could also look at “problems” as exciting challenges and that’s of course an entirely different energy, which will create entirely different circumstances in your life.

Do everything you can to feel as good as possible

All that really counts is how you feel most of the day and you should always “try and work” towards feeling as good as possible. If you can’t go to feeling great from where you are right now, try at least to feel a little bit better and then again, a little bit better… just keep on walking up that emotional letter, one little step after another.

Your feelings and emotions are what creates your universe. Your thoughts provide the direction and they are like the spark that ignites the fire. However, thoughts without any emotional power behind them are not strong enough to create anything.

And yes, it may look like we create by taking action, but that’s not entirely true. If there is a lack of “feeling-power”, you can take massive action your entire life without really getting anywhere. And, that’s actually what lots of people are doing, just look around.

By feeling great, passionate, excited… you create an energy whirlwind “inside” of you and you will start taking action, simply because you will want to express this energy within you, to let it out… and things will take shape.

…And that’s why you need to focus as much as possible on feeling good. Make it a habit. Take a break here and “do the work” to shift your energy towards feeling slightly better. Do it again and again and your old universe will start to crumble, while a new one that is more aligned with your  “feeling good” energy will be created.

Now comes the big question: How do you shift your energy to feel slightly better?

Please remember, you won’t go from a state of being depressed to being happy and feeling absolutely great. Although, under certain circumstances it could be possible, typically it won’t happen.

You will move upwards in little steps every day – just feeling a little bit better and then again, a little bit better… You will be amazed, how far you can go in only 2 or 3 months.

Here are some tips to help you moving up the emotional ladder:

  • Tell a better story. Just close your eyes and spend a few minutes (or as long as you want) doing some daydreaming. Visualize your progress, imagine all the things you will be doing 3 months, 6 months, 1 year… from now. Visualize, imagine and feel. Don’t exaggerate, tell a story you can believe right now, a story that simply feels good to you…
  • Learn to control your thoughts. As you know, negative thoughts lead to negative feelings. So, you need to catch those negative thoughts and replace them with more positive ones before you enter a spiral of negative thoughts and feelings.
  • Appreciate and enjoy the good things in your life. Be grateful for what you have.
  • Find joy in simple things. Whenever there is a possibility to move into the vibration of joy, do it. Consciously enjoy and embrace the feeling and stay with it for as long as possible.
  • As often as possible throughout the day, close your eyes for a few minutes, use a few affirmations that will help you to get into the right energy and do a bit of daydreaming.

Make it a habit to do a bit of “telling a better story” and daydreaming every day. This may sound simplistic, but it really works. You will see, if you do it several times a day for only a few minutes, you will already vibrate much higher – in other words, you will feel much better – after only 2 weeks.

How To Achieve Lasting Happiness And Fulfillment

Our society has a very narrow minded idea of what it means to live a happy, fulfilled and successful life. For most people it means making as much money as possible, buying a big villa,  maybe a nice yacht to impress friends and family…

But, what’s the point?

How could this possibly change your life?

Do you know what you really want?

It is very simple. And actually, we all want the same. We just want to feel extraordinary good.

Yes, it’s all about feeling really great and fantastic. And everything you do in live, you do because you think it will make you feel better or at least it will prevent you from feeling worse than you are feeling right now.

Unfortunately, the actions most people are taking and the dreams they are chasing never allow them to find the happiness and fulfillment they are longing for.

How should 10 millions on your bank account make you happy and fulfilled when you are empty inside? How should a bigger house make you happy and fulfilled when you are empty inside?

Happiness and fulfillment (the only thing we REALLY want) is something that happens within. Something within yourself needs to be “filled up”. This doesn’t have anything to do with what’s going on, on the “outside”.

If all your focus is on some kind of illusion outside yourself – for example, on growing your bank account – no energy will be left for what is within you. When there is no energy left, nothing can be “filled up” within and you won’t be able to enjoy the experience of FULL-FILL-MENT and simply feeling great.

But, what does it mean to put your focus within, what should you do?

It means to listen to the tiny voice within yourself and to follow your heart. To discover your true passion and to do what you love most and what truly fills you with joy. It means to find the REAL YOU and to fully express it.

If you follow this path, you will never have to work again, because everything you do will be play and fun. Most of the time you will feel absolutely great and excited. You will feels so good that money, status and other symbols just no longer matter.

And if you feel absolutely amazing and fantastic, what else could you possibly want?

I’m sure, you already had those experiences where you filled absolutely amazing – even if it was only for a short moment. During those moments you don’t think, I want this and that… you just enjoy feeling exhilarated and you feel like absolutely nothing is missing.

You only think like, I want this and that… when there is a feeling of lack within you. But, this feeling of lack or emptiness can only be filled by expressing the REAL YOU and by living your passion.

Trying to fill the emptiness on the outside by buying bigger houses and cars, chasing fame and status… doesn’t work. It is like trying to fill an empty bucket by pouring all the water next to the bucket.

Of course, it’s not a problem if you make a lot of money while doing what you love most

If you do what you love most, something else will happen. You get better and better in what you are doing, more and more people will get interested in what you are doing, you will start earning some money with what you are doing, you may even start making a lot of money, you may even become famous…

BUT, your entire focus is on living your passion and expressing yourself. If you make a lot of money with what you are doing, that’s great, but it doesn’t really matter. You are not attached to it. All that counts is doing what you love and enjoying the fun, happiness and fulfillment that comes with it.

Now, you are coming from the inside out and this makes all the difference!

There is only one way to achieve lasting happiness and fulfillment and it is by doing what you love most, by following your passion and by expressing the real you.

And on top of that, you will most likely make more money than you will ever need while doing what you love most. Not necessarily right from the beginning, but surely in the long run.

On the other hand, if you sacrifice years of your life doing things that don’t correspond with your true passion, just because you think this will make you rich and once you are rich you can do whatever you want… you are on a dead end road.

Doing something you don’t like over a long period of time is very tough. It costs a lot of energy, it creates frustration and anger, the quality of your work will suffer and most likely you will fail.

And even if you succeed to make a lot of money, it won’t make you feel any better. There will still be this emptiness inside that needs to be filled. And no amount of money or fame could ever accomplish that.

Happiness and fulfillment is something that happens within you and it doesn’t have anything to do with what’s going on on the outside.

What do you think? What’s your own experience?

Do you think happiness and fulfillment can be achieved focusing only on “outer achievements”, doing something you are not passionate about and completely neglecting the “real you”?

A Surefire Way To Cure Unhappiness And To Become The Happiest Person In The World

Are you feeling absolutely fantastic every single moment of your life, or at least most of the time?

Most people consider “just feeling ok” the status quo, the “normal” state of being. But, just imagine for a moment how different and more pleasant your life would be if you would be absolutely happy most of the time.

And you know what? It is not even that difficult. And in fact you have already been there…

As children, up to a certain age we feel absolutely fantastic almost all the time. But, as we grow up we learn from our society to worry, to close our hearts, to be realistic, to stop dreaming…  and our happiness leaves us.

Feeling not so great or being unhappy most of the time is only a symptom of thinking the wrong kinds of thoughts for an extended period.

But, you can bring back the ease, let go of all the thoughts, ideas and beliefs that don’t serve you… and the joy and happiness will start flowing back into your life.

The beliefs you acquired a long time ago (most of them as a child) lead to certain thoughts, those thoughts lead to certain emotions and feelings and all of them together determine your reality.

Negative, destructive and unpleasant thoughts act like a barrier for your happiness…

Happiness naturally flows into your life all the time, but if there are negative thoughts you simply can’t experience your happiness.

Simply dismiss all negative and destructive thoughts and you will be much happier. And not only will you be happier, you will also be more successful, more respected, you will attract more wealth, better health…

You won’t be able to completely change your way of thinking from one day to the next. First, you need to become aware whenever you fall into the habit of negative thinking and once you become aware of it, you can simply say: “Stop”, and replace your negative thoughts with positive ones.

This will get easier every day and over time, there will be less and less negative thoughts that “pop up” in your head. It is like getting rid of a bad habit (like smoking) and replacing it with a good one – it probably will feel somewhat uncomfortable at the beginning, but you will start feeling better and better every day.

Your mind can help you to manifest whatever you want…

Your mind is like a tool that allows you to accomplish certain things. It helps you to create and materialize the life you are envisioning. And this works equally for the “good” things as well as for the “bad” things you are envisioning. The mind doesn’t have any preference, it simply executes your orders.

You need to learn to direct and guide your mind so it can help you to manifest a reality that’s beneficial for yourself and for others and you do so by feeding your mind with the kinds of thoughts, images, beliefs… that correspond with what you want.

You are worried about getting cancer, because someone in your family had cancer? Don’t! Just replace those thoughts with images of radiant health. Otherwise, if you keep on worrying for years about getting cancer you may finally “succeed” and create one.

Stop thinking thoughts that correspond with a reality you don’t want!

Again, the mind doesn’t distinguish between good or bad, it just follows your orders. If you tell your mind: “Give me abundance and fulfillment”, the mind will find ways to give it to you. If you constantly worry about lack and unhappiness, the mind will also find ways to give it to you – it won’t tell you: “Hey, that’s not really a good choice, try something else”.

Whatever you are asking for, whatever you are focusing on, the mind will find ways to pull it into your life. You will attract certain information and people, you will get excited and motivated about certain ideas and you will feel the strong urge to take action on those ideas… and your reality changes.

The solution is to become more and more aware of your thoughts and beliefs and to simply dismiss all those thoughts and ideas that are not “beneficial” in any way.

Be careful, negative beliefs and thought patterns can arise from all sort of seemingly unimportant situations.

Here are some typical situations people encounter every day:

  • Let’s say, today is your day off and it’s raining all day long. You are annoyed and frustrated. You say, “that can only happen to me”, you imagine all day long, how wonderful this day would have been with a bit of sunshine and then you get annoyed again…
    Why not just taking advantage of the situation: Read the book you bought last month, spend some time with your friend at your favorite coffee place, go shopping…Choose to be happy rather than being annoyed and unhappy all day long – there are just too many reasons for you to be happy rather than being unhappy.
  • Or, someone treated you with disrespect at your workplace and now you think all day long how to best retaliate. You might start wondering: “Maybe people treat me like this because I’m just stupid, maybe I don’t deserve any respect…”And your mind keeps on running: I don’t deserve respect, I’m Mr. unimportant, I’m a loser…
    Stop! Just stop your mind right here and right now. Remind yourself about all your great qualities, about all the nice things you did for others, about all the fantastic things you already achieved and are capable of achieving.

We could find thousands of other examples, where the mind just runs out of control, when it’s not guided by its master (which is you). The problem, if you don’t catch negative and destructive thoughts right at the beginning, they can completely mess up your life and create many undesirable results.

You could start messing up your life with one small, seemingly unimportant thought…

It may all start with one tiny thought. Then you add more negative thoughts. You make the story look bigger and more important than it really is. Your mind keeps spinning and you add even more negative thoughts…

This maybe goes on for years and you become an expert in negative thinking and messing up your life. Whatever happens in your life, you immediately see the negative, dark and gloomy side. And of course, your mind helps you to manifest whatever you focus on.

But it is you and only you who created the life you are living today. However, you can change the course of your destiny at any moment. Simply start dismissing your negative thoughts and start focusing on the kind of thoughts and feelings that correspond with the life you want to live.

It’s really easy, simply become aware of your thoughts – just a little bit more every day – and whenever you catch yourself holding on to any negative thoughts, simply dismiss them, let go of them and put your mind on something else.

Make it a challenge, a game to find something positive, in anything that happens to you and use it as a catalyst for your own personal growth and for the realization of more love, happiness and abundance in your life.

A Simple Yet Amazingly Effective Formula To Happiness And Fulfillment In Less Than 5 Minutes

Don’t you sometimes think it would be great to know some sort of “magical trick” that would catapult you into a state of joy and happiness when you are feeling a bit down?

You think that’s not possible? Wrong! There actually is a very simple and fun way that allows you to dive almost immediately into a state of joy, happiness… and simply feeling great.

And of course, I’m not talking about drugs or anything similar, I’m referring to a really simple technique that allows you to tap into your inner happiness and to create joy and delight from the inside out.

Did you ever wonder, where all the happiness you are longing for is actually hiding? Maybe it’s in L.A., in New York, somewhere in Europe, in your soul mate, in the big dream villa you would like to own, or maybe it’s just showing up after you made your first million dollars…?

No, not at all! It’s actually much closer and much easier to get than you might think. What I’m going to show you in a second is really fun and simple – almost too simple to believe that this could work and even completely change your life.

But please stay with me – you will be astonished how well this works:

  • Look for a quiet spot where no one will disturb you for the next 5-10 minutes.
  • Make yourself comfortable and sit down on a chair. If you prefer, you can also lie down on your back.
  • Close your eyes and relax.
  • Now comes the most important part: Switch OFF your mind. Whatever happened yesterday, today, or what might be tomorrow has absolutely no importance for the next 5-10 minutes.
    Let go of everything that keeps your mind spinning. Be like a new-born, absolutely free and unburdened. Just BE – open, wide, fresh. You can access this immense freedom anytime you want and that’s actually the biggest gift you can give to yourself.
  • Right now (at least for the next few minutes) absolutely nothing matters, nothing is important – except you and the new YOU, you are going to experience.
  • Silently tell yourself several times: Open, wide, free… and then even let go of those thoughts and just watch and observe.
  • Now, something is happening within you. It’s a very special, yet also very subtle feeling. You are connecting with your inner happiness. It’s a glimpse of the tremendous peace, bliss and happiness within you that you are becoming aware of.
  • Simply feel it, let it happen, let it unfold. Swim and dance with this feeling.
  • But careful, don’t allow your mind to interfere. Don’t judge what’s happening, don’t try to hold on to it, don’t wish for more… or the doors will close.
  • Just BE with this feeling, don’t do anything, don’t even get excited about how wonderful it feels – just enjoy it. Stay with this feeling, become one with it – the more often you are doing this, the bigger your inner happiness will grow.
  • Allow your newly gained inner happiness to flow into your day-to-day life: Re-focus and re-connect with this feeling, with your inner happiness several times throughout the day – this takes only a few seconds.

But careful, don’t look at this as some sort of exercise or task you need to do every day in order to find happiness. If you treat it like an exercise, it won’t work. Play, enjoy, have fun, let go and let it happen – that’s the magic formula.

The key to success with this simple technique is to have a playful, childlike attitude. Don’t worry if you are using this technique the right way – if you are having fun and if you are enjoying those few minutes with your SELF you are doing everything perfectly right.

And that’s really all! Maybe do this 2-3 times a day (or as often as you want). Of course, you can also remain more than 5 minutes in your divine happiness if you feel like it.

Just give it a try – I promise you will be amazed with the results. Do it for 3 weeks and you will already see some quite remarkable changes in your life. Do it for a year and your life will never be the same again.

Follow Your Passion And Start Living Your Life

Truth is, there isn’t really anything you have to do. It’s entirely up to you what you want to do with your life. You feel a passion for acting, painting, gardening, cooking… don’t be afraid to follow your heart, no matter what others may think or say about you.

This is your life and only YOU know what’s best for yourself.

Yes, others may have good tips and advice, but they are based on someone else’s experience and most of the time the advice will be based on fear – “If you don’t get a proper job you will be in trouble…”, “You are a dreamer and it will never work…”

If you want to live a fulfilled, you need to bring out the “real” you – the divine YOU. This also means you will need to get out of your comfort zone, deal with failures, overcome obstacles… and never stop growing.

This may be scary at the beginning, because we are not used to living life like that. But, it gets more and more exciting and you will feel more and more lively the further you go down that path.

Just don’t be too serious. Don’t get attached to any specific results, play and have fun. Have fun making mistakes and embarrassing yourself – what’s the big deal? Only fools will laugh at you, fools who never do anything exciting in their life, who never dare to step outside their comfort zone…

If you do what your parents, teachers, society… expect from you, rather than following your heart and passion, you will regret it sooner or later, because true happiness and fulfillment can only be found by following the path of your heart.

There are no “should do’s…”, “have to do’s…”, “must do’s…” – simply be yourself, follow your passion and you will have a magnificent life.

Slow Down And Start Enjoying Your Life

Life is meant to be enjoyed. Take some time to live and breathe. Lean back and relax, at least every now and then…

It is great to have success and to achieve things in life, but there must be a healthy balance between taking action and resting.

Don’t fall into the habit of chasing one achievement after another. Slow down and take some time out every now and then, otherwise you won’t even be able to enjoy your achievements. And there is absolutely no point in accumulating success after success if you don’t get any joy out of it.

You might become a billionaire, a celebrity, an Olympic champion… but if it doesn’t add any happiness to your life it is not worthwhile. Do what you do, because it is so much fun and because you enjoy it so much and not because there might be some big reward at the end of the road.

If at the end of your life you can say that most of the time you have been happy, then your life has been a huge success. No matter what others may think of you, no matter how much money you earned, no matter if you have been famous or not…

And being happy has absolutely nothing to do with achievement, it is all about finding your passion and simply doing what you love to do… the results follow naturally.

Whatever you want to achieve, be aware that it’s the path towards your achievement that counts most and not the end result. The path is long, the end result is only a short moment of excitement.

So, enjoy the path, otherwise you will never be able to enjoy your life – and that’s really all that counts, nothing is more important. If there is no joy and fun in your life, you aren’t really living, you are merely existing.

Slow down and stop chasing false dreams. Stop missing all the magnificent moments in your life. In order to hear that quiet voice within you that guides you towards abundance, happiness and fulfillment, you have to stop rushing and racing. Be still and listen, watch and take your time. Enjoy the happiness that flows from within when you let go and become silent.

You may think that you have to do A, B and C… before you can take off some time and start enjoying your life. Unfortunately, for most people this time never comes. When you are finished with A, B and C – D, E and F will already be on your mind and it will continue like that until the end of your life.

The moment to enjoy your life is NOW! If you can’t enjoy what you are doing, find something else and do something different. If you like what you are doing, but you are stressed out, slow down, take some breaks, recharge your batteries, disconnect completely…

Don’t worry, you won’t miss out on anything if you stop every now and then. Actually, you will move on much quicker, because you will be more creative and have better ideas after coming back from a break.

If you are not in the “flow” because you are stressed out, you will only be spinning your wheels, but you won’t achieve anything meaningful.

Learn to take things a bit less serious and spend more time with your SELF. Simply observe, watch, listen, enjoy, do nothing, let go…

Happiness can’t be found in chasing, racing, rushing and acquiring all sorts of things.

You think you will be happy, once you get your dream villa? Think again! You think you will be happy, once you get that promotion? Think again! You think you will be happy, once you achieve the next big thing? Think again!…

Sure, there will be some excitement at the beginning, but it usually doesn’t last that long and shortly after you will be chasing the next illusion.

Happiness is already within you, it’s your natural state, and it can easily be experienced in the most simple things – letting go, letting happen, doing nothing, silence…

Of course, there is nothing wrong with achievement and success – as long as you deeply enjoy the path towards your achievements and as long as you are not getting too attached to a specific end result.

How To Connect With Your Inner Happiness And Feel Great For The Rest Of Your Life

The only place to find true happiness is within yourself. The reason why there are so many unhappy people is because most people try to find happiness outside themselves and they never look within.

Happiness is always with you and you can access it anytime – even if you are deeply depressed. However, if you keep looking in the wrong direction you simply won’t be able to feel and experience happiness in your life.

Acquiring wealth, prestige, power, fame… may be exciting the moment you get those things, but it is surely not a recipe to happiness. You fight and struggle for years to get your dream villa and once you have it, you realize that life isn’t much different than it was before.

So, was it really worth, wasting all those years fighting and struggling just for a short moment of excitement?

On the other hand, if you follow your heart and do what you love, you will feel great every day and you will be connected constantly with the happiness within you. On top of that you may acquire wealth, fame… and all sorts of other little gifts at the same time without really making any particular effort.

You are already happy, fulfilled, abundant… within, you may just not be able to experience it, because all sorts of negative thoughts and beliefs may block the doorway to your inner treasures.

What can you do to push away those clouds of negative thoughts and beliefs in order to access your inner happiness?

Calm down, relax and let go. Let go of everything for a moment – your past, what needs to be done today, what may happen tomorrow… dive within and disconnect from your mind for a moment.

Once you let go, you will suddenly feel it – a glimpse of happiness, a deep inner peace, a sudden strength you never experienced before…

That’s who you really are: Happiness, love, peace, freedom… Anything else you may think about yourself is a mind created illusion. An illusion you have started taking for real and therefore became  reflected in your outer experiences and circumstances.

Take a few moments every now and then to go within and become aware of your true nature. Close your eyes, calm your mind and dive within. Simply observe and BE. Don’t expect anything in particular and don’t judge whatever might or might not happen.

The easiest way to experience your true nature – happiness, peace, love, fulfillment… – is in deep silence, when your mind is absolutely still.

It is not complicated, but it will need some practice to calm your mind. Every day, take a few minutes and go within. Make it a daily routine,  even if it is difficult sometimes and even if you have the impression that nothing special is happening.

All you’ve ever been looking for in life is already within you and that’s also the only place where you can find it. It’s impossible to fulfill your deepest yearnings on the outside.

Once you connect with your true nature within, abundance, love, fulfillment… will also manifest in your material world, because your outer circumstances and experiences are only a reflection of your inner state of being.

A long as you are not aware of your “inner happiness”, accumulating material things, titles, honors… won’t make you happy. Even after you’ve done all the hard work and accomplished whatever you desired, you will still feel more or less the same. For someone on the outside it may look like your life has changed completely, but to you it won’t really feel that different.

Once again, make it a habit and go within, into deep silence for at least a few minutes every day. Just watch and observe without spinning your mind, without judging and reflecting – simply BE.

Within, in deep silence you will find whatever you’ve been longing for and even much more.