Stop Confusing Yourself With the Reflection In The Mirror

The world you witness on the outside is not real, it is only an illusion, like a reflection in the mirror.  If you keep on looking into that “mirror” and believe that you are that reflection, then you remain stuck in the same energy patterns and you keep on creating the same mirror reflection again and again…

And, you may say, that is just reality, that is how the world works.

However, if you distrust that illusionary reflection in the mirror and if you start being someone else, someone you prefer over what you currently see and experience. Maybe, someone who is filled with love, abundance, well-being, joy… because you know that you can be anything you want to be.

Then that reflection in the mirror will change as well. The reflection will start taking that form and shape of your new state of mind.

Why? Because the reflection is not real. It is not the “real deal”, it is only a reflection and it can only reflect the underlying essence – your state of being, the only thing that is real.

Photo Credit: Mariano Cuajao

What Do You Really Want?

Did you ever sit down to ponder the question of what you really want in life? It is the most important question you will ever ask yourself, because it will define the outcome of your entire life. So, it is well worth, spending several hours, a few days, a week… and yes, even an entire month figuring out what you really want in life.

If you are like most people, you may think you want something like: A great professional career, lots of money, a big house, your dream partner, maybe becoming famous, getting an academic title, being someone “important”…

But, that’s not what you really want. All those things are illusions and if you chase any of those illusions without doing what you really want, your life will be miserable and it will be a huge failure – no matter how much money you make, no matter how famous you may become…

So, what do you really want?

No, it is much simpler. What you really want is to feel great – every day of your life. You don’t want to have that single big moment 5, 10 or 20 years from when you achieve your big dream.

You want to feel great today, tomorrow and the day after… Every day, you want your life to be filled with love, passion, joy and excitement.

That’s why it’s called life – a continuous experience of joy, passion and excitement, a continuous stream of great feelings. Otherwise, it would be called something like struggling along with 3-5 great moments along the line.

Why do you want that professional career, the money, the beautiful house…? Because you believe that once you get those things, you will feel really great. So, it’s not about the “thing” itself, it’s all about this magnificent rush of wonderful emotions.

But, why spending years suffering and struggling and doing something you don’t particularly like just to get this one glorious moment somewhere down the distant future? You can have wonderful, magnificent moments today and even more of them tomorrow and the day after…

It is all about the process and not at all about the “things”, the final achievements. If the process is aligned with your passion and excitement, with who you really are, the achievements come naturally and easily without the need for any struggle and real effort.

So, do something you absolutely love, something that really excites you. Imagine, doing what you think excites you – how does it feel? Imagine, doing it for 3, 5, 10 years, finding new creative approaches, developing it into mastery… – does it still feel exciting? Don’t think about possible achievements, focus only on the process itself – is this enough to keep you passionate and excited?

Just picture the entire process…

You do something you absolutely love. And because you love it so much, this activity fills you with joy, excitement and other great feelings – day in and day out.

Of course, at this stage, there won’t be any news-breaking achievements, but you are already living your dreams. Every single day of your life is filled with joy, fun, passion, excitement… You are feeling simply great, every moment of your life – what bigger success could anyone achieve, what else could anyone desire?

Now, you just keep on doing what you love most and quite naturally you will be getting better and better at it. You will develop your passion into mastery and you will create an art out of it – simply by doing what you love most and without any need to struggle, push, force and fight.

And of course, once you reach that level of mastery, other people will become aware of what you are doing and they will tell their friends and it may make the news, you may even become famous, make a lot of money, buy that beautiful house, meet your dream partner at one of those galas you are invited to…

If any or all of those things happen, it is nice and wonderful, but it is not really that important, because at this stage you already have everything you could ever desire – days filled with passion, joy, fun, excitement, ecstasy…

Life is about joy, passion, excitement…

…and you can have it right now, simply by doing what you love most, simply by being and doing what corresponds with your true natural self.

Don’t postpone your life for the pursuit of shiny “things and achievements” in the distant future. Even if you achieve your “dreams” a few years from now, you will only get short-lived excitement that will fade away within a few weeks and afterwards you will feel exactly the same as you feel right now.

The only way to find perpetual joy, happiness, fun, excitement… is by being your Self and by doing what you love most. Life is a process and it is all about this process that unfolds in the eternal now.

That’s the only way to live life fully, everything else is merely existing and struggling along.

A Simple Solution If You Have An Idea, A Project, A Big Dream… And You Don’t Know How To Get Started Or How To Move Forward

You have a dream, maybe even a very big dream. It could be something you always wanted to do, or maybe something that came up just recently. But, the problem is, you don’t know how to get started or how to proceed, you don’t know what to do next, what should or must be done, and in what order…

But, will this stop you from going after your dream? No, surely not, because it’s not as difficult and complicated as it may seem right now. And it doesn’t really matter if you want to learn a foreign language, write a book or build a Fortune 500 company.

Things are inherently simple – if you allow them to be so.

Of course, if you prefer to believe that something is overwhelmingly complicated and difficult to achieve you are free to create that experience as well. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Of course, there will always be challenges, but they are healthy and exciting and there is no need to suffer and struggle.

So, how should you go about your project?

The important thing is to get started taking at least some sort of action. But, before taking any action, it is important that you get into the right “state”. If you act from a state of worry doubt and fear, it will be impossible to create anything meaningful.

You need to act from a vibration of excitement, belief, joy, motivation, drive, confidence… Visualize your project, dream and get excited about it, feel as if it is already your reality.

This is the all-important fundament you need to build first. It is like creating a solid fundament for a house. Without it, the house will come crashing down sooner or later. And it is no different for any other project – without a solid energetic base, your endeavor will never be able to take off.

However, this base work of creating an inner energy state that corresponds with and supports your goal isn’t a one-off job – it requires regular maintenance.

But, don’t get too serious about it. Ideally, you shouldn’t be “serious” at all, because this will prevent you from moving into a high vibratory state – one that reflects positive excitement, motivation, drive and joy.

Take a playful attitude, enjoy the process and don’t try to push and force things into a certain direction. Simply have fun and enjoy yourself and everything else will unfold in the most beneficial way.

If you proceed in such a way and always act from a state of passion and excitement, the end results may not necessarily correspond exactly with your initial vision, but it will always allow you to experience the maximum amount of joy and satisfaction in the realization of your goal as well as along the way.

Finally getting started and taking the first steps…

After doing your base-work for a while, your level of excitement, confidence and motivation for your project should be quite good. And, from that state of being, you can simply ask your Self how to best get started or what to do next.

You may get an answer immediately, but it could also be delivered to you by any kind of “messenger” a few hours or days later. The messenger could be a friend, a person you never met before, a book, an article in the newspaper, a documentary… really anything.

When the answer comes, you will know it and feel it and then you simply take action on the information you receive. And that’s also how you keep moving forward.

At the beginning, your vision on how you should proceed may be very limited. But, with each step you move forward, with each inspired action you take, things will become clearer.

It is a bit like walking in the fog. You may only see 20 or 30 meters forward, but as you keep walking, a part of the path you couldn’t see before becomes visible and ultimately the fog will disappear completely and you will have a crystal clear vision of where you are going and what’s going on around you.

If there are various possibilities to choose from, pick the one that excites you most and that resonates most with you. Be careful not to slip into fearful thinking, such as: If I make the wrong decision, I will fail and I will never be able to realize my dream…

The truth is, there aren’t really any wrong decisions, because everything that happens, happens for a good reason and is part of a much bigger and more important process. And, the goal of this process is to allow you to become the real you, to let go of everything that doesn’t really belong to you and to fully express your true nature.

When you let go of everything that doesn’t really belong to you, the only thing that will be left is pure love, joy, peace and happiness. But, the good news is, you will ALWAYS be moving in that direction, the events and circumstances in your life will always pull you in that direction, so simply trust the process and enjoy the ride.

And yes, there are so-called success recipes for just everything, but there is no success guarantee. Those recipes may work wonderfully for you or they may not. Maybe certain parts will work and others won’t.

The important question is, if a specific plan or recipe resonates with YOU. If you have to force and push in order to execute your plan and if there is absolutely no joy and excitement, it is definitely not the right plan for you and you should look for a different approach.

Also, an existing approach can be pretty good for you, but it will never be perfect. You are unique and that’s why your personal approach also needs to be unique. You may be able to borrow 90% from someone else’s experience, but the remaining 10% will need to come from You, from the guidance you receive from your higher Self and this will also be the most exciting part of your project.

So, here you go, this is your very simple solution to get any endeavor or project successfully started and to move forward with joy and excitement

  • Do some “base-work” first and move into a vibration of joy, excitement, motivation, confidence… before taking any action.
  • Ask your questions, let go and remain open and aware for the answers.
  • When an answer comes and you feel excited about it, take action on it. Always take action on what resonates most with you and what excites you most.
  • Just keep on moving forward using the same simple formula over and over again.

What To Do When You Are Stuck In A Negative Spiral That Turns Your Life Upside Down

Sometimes you may feel completely stuck in certain areas of your life. Yes, overall, your life may be really great, but there is this one area – be it finances, health, relationships… – where things are just not going the way they should.

Only one stupid thing may be enough to “messes up” your life and to make you feel sad, desperate, angry…

If that’s the case, then you are probably stuck in a Negative Spiral.

What is a negative spiral and how did you get there?

It usually starts with a single negative thought that creates a slightly negative feeling. At this stage, the feeling will be so subtle that you probably won’t even notice it.

But, if you are not careful and if you are unconscious about your thoughts, there is a high probability that you will be adding more of those negative thoughts, which in turn will create slightly stronger negative feelings and emotions.

This can go on for weeks and even months without having any effect on your life. Likely, you will not even feel any different than before. But, at a certain stage, the process will accelerate. By constantly feeding a certain area of your life with negative thoughts, the emotional energy that is created by those thoughts will become stronger and stronger.

And at a certain point this emotional energy will lead to a corresponding physical manifestation that will be experienced as an unpleasant event.

Now, you are in the middle of your negative spiral, but as you start to witness those unpleasant experiences in your day to day life, the negative spiral will accelerate even more.

You observe an unpleasant event and immediately there will be more negative thoughts and emotions, which in turn create more unpleasant events and circumstances in your life.

And again, you witness those events and immediately say: “I knew it, I always have bad luck…”, “I will never find a partner who loves and respects me, it’s just impossible…”, “I’ll never get out of debt, it just keeps on growing month after month…”

At this stage, you are pretty much locked into your negative spiral and the dynamic is only getting stronger. You experience unpleasant events, you add more negative thoughts, you start feeling worse and worse… and that way you keep on perpetuating the process and will create more and more unpleasant events.

It is a vicious cycle and it seems almost impossible to break out of it…

The truth however is that it is actually not really that difficult to break out of a negative spiral. Once you understand the process and dynamic of how you got yourself into this situation (which you do now), you can use the same mechanism to transform your negative spiral into a positive one that leads to the manifestation of desirable events and circumstances.

Once again, you ended up in a negative spiral, because of various core beliefs (most of them you probably adopted during your early childhood) that lead to negative thoughts and sparked negative emotions, which in turn created unpleasant experiences in your life.

You did all of this unconsciously. But, nevertheless it is proof of how powerful you really are as a creator. Just imagine, all of this was created entirely out of your mind…

The universe, source, the divine… doesn’t label experiences as good or bad. Every experience is welcome and allowed and you are free to use your creative power to manifest whatever circumstances and events you wish to experience.

You are already a powerful creator of your own reality and you don’t really need to learn how to create. The only thing you need to learn is how to create consciously.

This takes patience, practice and some perseverance, but it’s not really complicated. It is not much different than for example learning a foreign language. You practice every day, and you slowly get better and better.

At the beginning, you won’t see any significant results. But, the more you practice, the more you stick to it, the easier it gets and the more amazing your results will be.

Now, let’s quickly take a look at those simple steps that allow you to get out of a negative spiral and to transform it into a positive one:

#1: The first step is to understand how you get into a negative spiral.

I already explained the process and with that knowledge you now can avoid getting deeper and deeper into an active negative spiral and you can also avoid to create new ones.

#2: Cut off the energy – just pull the plug.

In order to keep on creating unpleasant events in your life, the spiral needs a continuous supply of corresponding negative emotional energy. So, you need to stop indulging in negative thoughts and you need to stop keeping the train of negative thoughts alive. It’s not really that difficult.

Whenever you become aware of a negative thought, you simply say stop and you dismiss those negative thoughts and replace them with better and more positive ones. That way, the frequency of your emotions and feelings will raise and the dynamic of your negative spiral with start to slow down.

#3: Destroy your negative core beliefs.

As I already mentioned, most of those negative thoughts come from deeply ingrained negative beliefs. And I suggest you spend some time every day to find out what those beliefs are and then you can start dismantling and replacing them with more beneficial ones.

#4: Practice raising your energy every day.

Learn to look at things from a different perspective. Search for the positive aspects in your current situation and focus on them. Do some daydreaming and practice “telling a better story” to raise your vibration and to get into the habit of thinking more positive and more aligned with what you want.

I also recommend you keep a daily diary where you write down what you learn on your path to becoming a conscious creator.

#5: Be patient…

You will get to a stage where you are able to dismiss most of your negative thoughts, you will think more positive thoughts and you will start feeling better and better… BUT there will still be various unwanted events and experiences in your life.

That’s absolutely normal. Your negative spiral is turning slower and slower, but at the beginning,  there is still enough negative energy that keeps on manifesting those unpleasant events.

#6: Don’t focus on those unpleasant events – they are only a shadow of your past.

Just keep on raising your vibration by adopting positive and uplifting beliefs and by thinking more positive thoughts. Look at those unpleasant events that may still occur in your life as some of the final outbursts from your past unconscious creation.

Now, you are a conscious creator. Just keep on practicing this simple process and relatively fast you will be able to turn your negative spiral into a positive one. Depending on how strong your negative spiral is, this may take several weeks or several months. But, typically you will already feel that things are getting easier after only a few weeks.

The Magic And Power of Dreaming Big

Did you ever dare to dream big? I mean, really, really big?

Why not? Because, it’s unrealistic, because you think you can’t do it, because it’s too overwhelming, because you have no clue how it could be done…?

Of course, it’s unrealistic, overwhelming at first, unbelievable, outrageous, maybe even completely crazy… but you CAN do it.

If you can imagine it, if you can feel it, if you can move into this energy, if you can dream it up… YOU CAN DO IT!

Yes, you may not be able to do it by next week or next month, but most likely you will get there in 3 or 5 years. And even if it takes 10 years, it still would be amazing, wouldn’t it?

Time is flying and 5 or even 10 years is nothing. Those years go by in the blink of an eye. Close your eyes and imagine yourself 10 years from now having realized your wildest and craziest dreams…

Wow, what a feeling – don’t you agree?

And something else most people don’t understand: It’s not even so much about reaching your final goal 5 or 10 years from now, it’s all about the crazy, exciting, fascinating… ride to get there. It’s all about the process, it’s all about living YOUR life to the fullest – every single moment.

Yes, that’s exactly why you came here: To live your life to the fullest and to realize crazy and unrealistic dreams – especially when everyone around you is saying you can’t do it.

But, how will you get there?

You know, it’s much simpler than you may think right now. You don’t get started having every single step already mapped out – no one ever did.

You get started with a big dream. You get into the energy of your big dream. You imagine yourself having already achieved what you want to do, you feel the excitement, the passion, the energy… – that’s easy, I know you can do it.

Then you take your first brave steps. Now your path already becomes a bit clearer and you know what needs to be done next and you simple take those little baby steps that need to follow.

Now, you dream a bit more. Again, you get the energy flowing and you will know what to do next. And you simply do it. You take one little and easy baby step after another and you enjoy those baby steps.

Now you are alive. You are not just dreading and existing, you are fully alive and you enjoy it. Also, your confidence in your unlimited potential starts awakening. Now you know that you can do it – can you already feel the excitement?

Taking one giant step from where you are now to where you would like to be is scary, overwhelming and yes, unrealistic. But, thousands of little baby steps? Of course, you can do it. I don’t even have the shadow of a doubt.

It’s really not that complicated:

  • You only need a big dream to get started
  • You only need to take those first, simple baby steps
  • You only need to keep on dreaming big
  • You only need to take more and more easy, little baby steps
  • You only need to remain in this energy of excitement, passion, love for what you do…
  • You only need to be constantly connected with your big dream
  • You only need to keep on repeating those simple steps without getting distracted by your occasional obstacles, challenges and failures, which are part of the process.

Come on, it’s not really that simple, isn’t it?

Yes, it is! You only have to get out of your little box and leave everything behind you that sounds like: 

  • I can’t do it
  • It’s too difficult
  • This is not realistic
  • Stop dreaming and get real
  • Get a proper job and stop with all that nonsense
  • I’ve never been successful in anything…
  • What will my friends think about those crazy ideas?


Succeeding in something simple isn’t really easier than succeeding in something really big. Bigger goals probably need more time, but the actual process of consciously creating what you want is the same.

Society has given you those limited beliefs, but now it’s maybe time to drop them. Yes, just drop all those limiting beliefs and exchange them for bigger ones, for beliefs that are more fun and that suit you better. It’s really that simple and it won’t even cost you a dime.

This is your life and you came here to fully express your creative genius and to have fun doing so. Your intention never was to come here, to get by and survive for 70 or 80 years and to die without having ever expressed your full potential, the real YOU.

All big achievers, all extraordinary people were dreamers, they were unrealistic, they were called crazy (at least at the beginning), they approached life differently than the masses… Otherwise they would never have achieved what they achieved.

And you can do the same. All you need to do is to make that shift in your mind from small, limited, realistic… to big, exciting, everything is possible, I can do it and I will do it…

Don’t be afraid of dreaming big and living your life to the fullest, be only afraid of never expressing your full potential. Just do it! Nothing is more exciting than becoming aware of your unlimited potential and expressing more of it every day.

The Key To Consciously Creating The Life You Want And Why Most People Keep On Experiencing The Same Old Circumstances

The power to consciously create whatever you want and whatever you can believe in lies already within you and the process of conscious creation is actually very simple:

You focus long enough and with sufficient intensity on a specific idea using your thoughts, emotions and mental images. After some time, this leads to an inner dynamic, where new thoughts and ideas join in. Your drive, motivation and excitement starts building and soon you will feel the strong impulse and desire to take action on your thoughts and ideas. And finally, after taking enough inspired action, your initial thought becomes your physical reality.

Yes, the process is simple, BUT it is not easy!

Why is so difficult for most people to create their desired reality?

Because of conflicting thoughts!

When you think about something you want with strong intensity, you start pulling the object of your focus into your physical reality. Now, your physical reality won’t reflect your inner state of being immediately and this means, you need to hold on to your new thoughts, feelings and mental images for some time.

And this could be weeks, months and even years depending on what you are trying to achieve. But that’s not really a problem, because conscious creation is an absolutely exciting process and reaching your final goal isn’t really the ultimate purpose but only be the icing on the cake.

It is not about the money, the fame, the success… in reality it is ALL about one thing and one thing only: The process of consciously creating the reality you want to experience!

But, as this process of conscious creation usually takes some time, there is a risk that conflicting thoughts start creeping in and when that happens, you start slowing down and maybe even cancelling your original creation.

Let’s say, you focus with strong intensity on abundance for several weeks and during that time, subtle changes start happening in your physical reality on a quantum level. Nothing visible just yet, but a slight shift is already happening.

The template layer between thought energy and physical matter responds and starts resonating with the new and different vibrational energy that is emanating from YOU or your inner state of being.

But then you get impatient and you start worrying. Doubts and fears enter your mind and you slip back into your old habits of negative thinking.  Of course, you are still creating (you are always creating something), but now you are unconsciously creating something you don’t want.

You reverse the process of conscious “abundance creation” you started a while ago and now you are unconsciously creating poverty, the opposite of what you want.

Worries about failure, doubts if you will ever enjoy financial freedom, fears of bankruptcy… are thoughts and emotions that point in the opposite direction of abundance, they conflict with abundance and therefore will make it impossible for you to enjoy abundance in your physical reality.

It is like wanting to go from L.A. to New York and driving north towards Alaska.

Whenever you indulge in conflicting thoughts, in thoughts and feelings that are not aligned with what you want , you are about to cancel the effects of your positive mental focus and the experience of your desired reality will be delayed until you re-align your thoughts.

But, how can I avoid those conflicting thoughts? I cannot just say I’m abundant, when everything in my life indicates that I’m not?

Does really EVERYTHING in your life indicate that you are not…?

Ok, let’s look at this in a bit more detail. Here is the absolute number 1 reason why most people have such tremendous difficulties to consciously create what they want…

…this is really important, it is the key to everything, so please pay attention:

By observing your current circumstances and by mistakenly identifying yourself with those circumstances and looking at them as your reality you remain stuck in your current situation and you keep on creating the same events again and again.

Please let me explain…

For example, let’s say you are currently experiencing some financial problems and you decide to consciously create the experience of having an abundance of money. You focus on being wealthy, you visualize yourself being able to spend money without having to worry about the consequences… You are about to create abundance.

And then you open your letterbox and find a stack of bills. You start worrying, you wonder how you should pay all those bills… Now, you are about to create more poverty.

So, by observing your current circumstances (your bills, your lack of income…), you shift your focus from abundance to poverty and you unconsciously create more poverty while cancelling the effects of your conscious wealth creation efforts.

You took one step forward, now you are taking one step backward…

…and unfortunately, most people remain completely stuck in this constant loop of creating what they want and then cancelling their creation by observing and identifying with their current circumstances.

You are motivated, you are excited, your thoughts are aligned with your goal… you are about to create a new reality. But, then you look at your current circumstances and say, this doesn’t work, I will never reach my goals, I will always remain poor… and you immediately undo your creation.

But, you are only observing what is… You cannot just deceive yourself and pretend that things are different than they are, right?

Here is the key, the solution to the dilemma…

Your current circumstances are not your “absolute, immediate” reality. They are only a reflection of your past thoughts, beliefs and emotions. They are only a shadow of your past, inner reality, a material manifestation of your past inner vibration.

BUT, those circumstances do not necessarily reflect any longer your current reality.

For example, in the past you may have held on to beliefs, thoughts and feelings of lack of abundance and that way you unconsciously created poverty. Now, you can observe this poverty in your everyday life and you may think that this is who you are, that this is your absolute reality…

The truth however is…

You have only one absolute reality, one reality that keeps shaping and affecting your future… and it is your inner state of being, the thoughts, beliefs and emotions you are holding on to right now, this very moment.

Your inner state of being is the only thing that really counts, because it defines your tomorrow, whereas your current outer circumstances are only a shadow of the past.

What keeps you stuck in your current situation is when you identify yourself with your current circumstances and when you align your inner state of being, your thoughts and feelings with the events and circumstances of your daily life. Of course, you don’t do this consciously, it is just a trained reaction.

For example, you are positive and cheerful and then you find a bill in your mailbox and immediately you start feeling bad, you worry about your debt and money problems…

In other words, you allow your outer circumstances (which are only a reflection of your PAST thinking) to drag you from a state of abundance to a state of poverty.

Instead you should tell yourself something like: “Ok, those bills are only a shadow of my past, I will take care of them, BUT I don’t allow this event to alter my current state of mind. My new reality is happiness and abundance and soon it will also become visible in my physical reality…”

Once again, don’t look at the events in your life and say that’s who I am and it is really bad, I will never make it… Rather say, that’s who I WAS, but it doesn’t matter anymore, because now I’m choosing something different.

Your current outer circumstances are no longer part of your reality, unless you hold on to them and confirm with your thoughts and feelings that they represent who you are.

Don’t forget, you have full control over your thoughts and at any moment you can decide to create the physical experience of your choice by remaining focused (with your beliefs, thoughts and emotions) on what you want to create – NO MATTER what your current circumstances may be.

Your old ghosts will still be hanging around for some time…

So, be aware, even though all your mental focus right now may be on abundance, for a certain period of time, your current outer circumstances will continue to reflect your past creation of poverty and there may be unpaid bills, a lack of money, you boss may decline your request for a salary increase…

But, that’s not  a big deal. Now, you know that all of this is only a result of your past creation still lingering around. You take care of the events in your life, but you don’t worry about them and you stop keeping those circumstances alive by feeding them with negative energy.

Of course, you can’t help noticing those events that don’t really belong to your new reality anymore, but you can refuse to fall back into your old habits of worry and doubt. And you immediately direct your focus to those thoughts, beliefs and feelings that are aligned with the new reality you want to create.

Sure, this is not so easy, especially at the beginning. You notice your current circumstances and unconsciously you tend to belief that what you see and experience is your ultimate reality.

And because you are so used to this process of immediately reacting to your circumstances, you will be inclined to say: “I’m overwhelmed by those bills, I will never be able to pay them off, I’m really in a terrible situation…”

But now, you know better and you can easily break the train of negative thoughts.

Don’t forget, your only absolute reality is your current inner state of being and that’s where ALL your creations are coming from.

  • You focus with intensity on specific thoughts, emotions and mental images.
  • This creates a certain inner dynamic.
  • New thoughts and ideas start joining in.
  • Your motivation, excitement and drive keeps growing.
  • The impulse and desire to take action on your ideas is increasing.
  • Finally you get going and you start taking.
  • You attract more great thoughts and ideas and action turns into massive action.
  • After some time, your creation becomes visible in your physical experience.

At any moment you have 100% control over your thoughts and mental images which determine how you feel and therefore you have full control over your inner state of being and this is really ALL you need to create the reality you desire.

So, in order to create what you want to experience on a physical level, all you need to do is to remain anchored in an inner state of being (using your thoughts, emotions and mental images) that is aligned with what you want to realize.

And of course, for a certain period of time, your inner state of being (your only true reality) will be different from your current outer circumstances (the product of your past unconscious creation).

Don’t allow the illusion of your current circumstances to drag you back into your old habits of negative thinking and feeling. You need to “co-exist” for a while with your current physical reality (the ghosts of your pasts) and there is nothing you can do about it. Simply refuse to keep on feeding those circumstances you no longer want to experience by holding on to the same old thoughts and feelings.

Always remember, as soon as you change your inner state of being, your physical reality starts changing as well and if you hold on long enough and with sufficient intensity to those new thoughts and feelings, your outer reality will change as well.

You Can’t Be Happy, Healthy And Wealthy As Long As You ARE NOT Happy, Healthy And Wealthy

How do you succeed in life? What do you need to do in order to be happy, abundant, successful…? After all, is there a recipe for success?

There are hundreds and thousands of books that provide numerous success principles. And yes, those principles and ideas are helpful, but of course, they cannot guarantee your success.

Finally it all comes down to 1 simple thing: Who are you in relation to who you want to be?

You can’t experience wealth without already BEING abundant within, you can’t enjoy true happiness without already BEING happy within…

If your inner state of being (your energy, your e-motions, your thoughts…) doesn’t correspond with what you want, then you won’t be able to experience that which you want on a physical level (on the outside).

If you change and transform your inner state of being into abundance & wealth, then, sooner or later you will also experience this abundance in your physical experience.

Now, what you have to find out is what tools, tricks and strategies will allow you to transform your inner state of being into abundance, happiness, health… or whatever it is that you want.

A certain strategy may work perfectly for some people and not at all for others. I suggest you try out different things and listen to your intuition, your inner guidance.

Once you tune into this energy that corresponds with abundance, health, happiness… once it becomes your inner state of being, your outer circumstances will start changing as well.

You may meet people that point you into a certain direction, seemingly “by accident” you may get the kind of information that allows you to strike gold…

You will also start feeling this inner drive and excitement to take action towards realizing your goal. And will even be able to take massive action without getting tired at all. It will feel more like fun & playing rather than hard work…

And this will be your own unique way to manifest what you want. Others may think you are so successful, because you are extremely organized, because you provide outstanding customer service, because you have an iron will…

But, the truth is, you simply aligned with the energy of what you wanted. You became who you wanted to be before anything of it was visible on the outside. You followed the flow, you seized opportunities that showed up, you did what felt natural and right…

In order to get what you want you need to align with the energy that corresponds with what you want. You need to transform your thoughts, beliefs and emotions – your inner state of being, so that it perfectly reflects that what you want.

Specific actions are important, but they are secondary and they usually flow naturally once you create that inner state of being that corresponds with what you want. On the other hand, as long as you don’t reach that inner state of being that corresponds with what you want, you won’t succeed, no matter what you do and how hard you try.

Don’t Wait For Miracles To Happen

If you are not happy with certain aspects and circumstances in your life, change them rather than waiting for miracles to happen. You are a creator and you already have everything you need to create a life that’s filled with love, happiness, abundance, peace and freedom.

Maybe it won’t be within your reach to win an Olympic gold medal, to become the next Hollywood superstar or to be the next president of the United States. But it doesn’t really matter, because all you really want is happiness and fulfillment.

Always remember: Your life won’t change as long as YOU are not changing anything. Unfortunately, most people only hope and wish for a “better” life without really changing anything.

How should anything change if you don’t provoke that change? If you keep on doing what you’ve always been doing, you keep on getting what you’ve always gotten – it is that simple. You are a creator and you are here to develop and make use of that divine potential.

Hoping and wishing are bad remedies, because they are statements of lack. When you say: “I wish I could…”, “I hope next year will…”, all you are saying is that you don’t have, that you can’t… and that’s what you keep on creating – a reality of cannot and have not.

You already have the power to create an abundant and fulfilled life within you. All you need to do is to learn how to use and develop this creative power. And you do so by exercising your creative potential, by using it and playing with it.

It is like learning a new skill or a foreign language. It may be difficult at the beginning, the results won’t be stunning right from the start, but if you keep on practicing, one day you will be a master and creating anything you want in your life will be relatively easy. 

Here are a few simple ideas to get started using your creative powers:

  • When exercising your creative potential, start with relatively easy goals.
  • Have a clear idea of what you want and create a mental picture of it.
  • Attach a strong emotion to your mental picture
  • Write down what you would like to achieve.
  • Your mind may tell you: “No that’s not possible… no, I can’t do that…” Don’t accept those thoughts of lack and dismiss them immediately. Know that there is a force within you that allows you to achieve unbelievable things, things that might even be beyond any logic and reason.
  • You may call this force within you higher self, creative mind, god… It’s something that was always there, but you’ve never been told about it and you never learned how to use it.
  • Learn to trust that this force within you will guide you towards the  realization of your goals.
  • Once you start using this power, amazing things will start happening in your life: Lots of great ideas will just pop into your mind, you will attract new people into your life, you may receive help and advice from all kinds of sources…

Playing with your creative powers is really fun and it is very exciting. It is much better than just sitting around and waiting for things to change somehow magically. 

Don’t wait any longer, just get started using those tremendous powers that are lying within you:

  • Get crystal clear about what you want.
  • Believe and trust that you will be guided by your higher self towards the realization of your goals
  • Remain open and aware. Watch the thoughts coming into your mind, ideas provided to you by others, book falling into your hands…
  • Take action and do your part of the work
  • Leave the rest to your higher self, creative mind, god or whatever you want to call it.